Sunday, October 9, 2011

Birthday Pictures

Just wanted to be a bragging mommy for a bit. I had James' 4 year pictures done by a photographer friend and I am so in love with the sneak peeks she has just shared with me. I had to share them.

 THIS one is my favorite of all of these. I LOVE images where James is standing and here I just think this captures his personality. So cool and cute and I just want to eat him up!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday James Patrick

Dear James,

Today you turn 4 years old and I just don't know where all the time has gone. It truly seems like yesterday I watched as the rushed you from the OR and in to the NICU. I go to see your squished up little face for 2 seconds and I touched your little finger. I would be 7 whole days before they would let me touch or hold you again. But it was well worth the wait. You are growing into such an amazing child. Everyday it seems like you say the funniest thing I have ever heard. I swear you are going to be a comedian when you grown up, and I promise to be in the front row laughing as hard as anyone.

Right now you are really into the TV show called WIPEOUT, but you call it the Fall Down Show. Everyday after school you watch it while you are having your snack. We sit and snuggle on the big green chair and laugh at all the silly people. We are even having a WipeOut themed birthday party for you this year.  How I cherish those moments. You are so affectionate and I hope that continues as you grow. Right now you are also all about pretending to be a chef like your daddy. you love to play restaurant and doctor. I think I have had about 4 broken legs and you always fixed them with your magic kisses for me and then cooked me a get better dinner.  Your favorite foods are goldfish, grilled cheese sandwiches and chocolate pudding. You HATE jello! At school you are so very smart. You know all your letters, letter sounds, shapes and colors. you teacher tells me that when she is working with you she gets distracted because you like to kiss her hand and tell her that you love her. You are such a charmer.

James,  This year I have watched God work miracles in your body. Your hips has been 50% out of socket and we were told that they would need surgery. But God choose to heal your hips and at your last hip xray they were perfectly aligned. I know that life holds extra challenges for you son, but please never forget that you are in God's hand and He has a higher purpose for you. It is my prayer that your heart will always be tender to His word and guidance. I dont know why God choose us for this road and life, but I do know that you are up for the challenge. Along with what the world might see as a disadvantage, God sees it as a way to further His kingdom. I dont yet know what that path is going to look like but I know you will travel it with the determination and strength that I see in you everyday even at this young age of 4.

I love you son. More than I ever knew that I could love another human being. You are the child that I spent so many nights on my knees praying for. You are literally the answer to my prayers and the glue that holds the pieces of my broken heart together. You are perfectly and wonderfully made and I am so proud to be called your mommy. Happy 4th birthday to my Sweet Baby James.