Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pirate Tricked Walker

When Life gives you lemons...Make a Pirate Ship!!! I am always trying to do things to make James walker look non medical and of course COOL! So this Halloween I decided to transform his walker as well. James was a happy man and very excited to show all his friends.

How to: Seriously I am NOT a crafter. I come up with ideas ok but the execution isnt usually very good LOL. This costume is totally homemade. 
Ship: I got a tri fold presentation board from Hobby Lobby. ( the kind that kids make school project out of) and I laid the middle section brown side up on top of the Kaye Walker. If you slide it back past the Pelvic Prompts ( or if you dont have those past the top cross-bar ) it will sit perfectly on the wheel housings and the side cross bars that run under the handles.
 I then cut out the top of the board so that James can stand just like normal and use the walker normally. Make sure you leave about an inch and half on the sides so that it will still sit on the side cross bar. I then poked holes with a screw drive on either side of the wheel bars and ties some twine. I wanted his teachers have an easy way to remove it if needed.
 I used a poster board and wooden dowel rod ,that I zip tied to the last cross bar in the back, for the sail
I had a piece of red and white stripped fabric that I glued to the poster board. NOTE this makes the poster board heavier so you will need to put some tape on the dowel rod to hold the sail in place.
I then printed out some clip art port hole and anchors for decorations. I colored them and glued them on.
The Pirate costume: REALLY simple. James needed to be able to walk normally and not be hindered by a bulk costume. So I cut off the lower 1/4 of an old pair of jeans. I make them have jagged edges. I then tied some of the red and white fabric that I used on the ship to a belt loop. His shirt is just a striped t shirt and a black vest. for trick or treating we will add some pirate make up :-)