Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Coming back to blogging

Hello again......

Well I  have gone back and forth with what to do with this blog for awhile now. I finally realized that this is my safe place. I need a place to put my thoughts and feelings. I need a release and this is the best place for it. Facebook and Instagram and fun and all but I seem to get into trouble more often than not. This blog is something that people have to want to come and read. It isnt just in their news feed. So here I am.

This year past year has been full of BIG changes for our family, and this coming up year will be no different. We are always on the go and have something going on. Im going to try my best to wrap it all up into one post so I can just move on to blogging about our lives again,

Last year....
Our family was blessed beyond measure with this little guy. We got the privilege of seeing him come into this world and he has never been without us. This is little guy has healed placed in my heart that I never knew were broken. His adoption was a surprise to use but not to God. We only had 4 weeks to get ready for him and he is just wonderful. I cant believe it but we are about to celebrate his 1st birthday in just a few weeks. It makes me so very sad that this tiny baby stage goes by so fast. We have soaked him in and James is just the best big brother. He is crazy about RJ just like we all are.

James has had some really big changes this year as well. Public school was not the right place for James for many reasons. His pre-k and kindergarten years were really good. He has ups and downs like all kids but the difference is, the people around him had high expectations for him. We didnt have that going into his first grade and because of that he did not thrive. In fact he lost a lot of skills physically and academically. I struggle with a lot of hard feelings with that school and the administration, but that wont help James. I  am sure one day when Im ready to write it all down, I will share but right now the wound is still fresh.

We move forward! James will be home-schooled and I am finally feeling excited about it. My plan for this blog is to be a place to share our homeschooling journey. I am discovering that there is little to NO resources about homeschooling a child with multiple disabilities. James is a complicated little guy but what kid isnt. He is smart and has the ability to succeed in this world, if given the chance. I know that it wont always be rosy, Lord knows we are familiar with this sensation. Like always, I plan on sharing the good with the bad. I hope that someone that is in the same situation, will fine support. 

Our family has moved to a new home. With the addition of another child, we needed more space very badly. I loved our little home. With all the medical equipment and baby toys, we just ran out of room. God always provides though. We were able to find the perfect house for our family very quickly. It has the space we need and even has a pool. It is wonderful to have a place for James to get independent physical exercise. He is a fish!

We have had a few set backs this year. With the emotional toll that school took on James, we have struggled to bring him back. The stress and anxiety he experienced has made him very much against learning of any kind. We have a lot of work to build back the confidence that was so shattered. We are working with a psychologist and psychiatrist to help James be able to deal with his anxiety disorder along with his physical limitations caused by his dystonia and CP. He will get there and we are going to provide whatever he needs to be the best James he can be.

Physically James has reached a stage where we are waiting on his desire to be more independent. As the years move along, we have learned that pushing our wants and desires on James, only causes everyone frustration. James has to want it for it to be something that is successful. And I no longer want to be the Drill Sargent  in his life. I want our relationship to be about me lifting him up and being a cheerleader not making him feel like he is never enough. I think I fell into that trap to some degree. I found myself being happy for physical milestones and then instantly thinking of the next one and how we were going to accomplish it. In that process, I taught James that he was never enough. I wont do that anymore. If James never takes an independent step, I want him to know without a doubt that I think he is awesome. Of course I would love to see him be independent but only because I know that certain things in life will be easier if he does. But it isnt my life, this is James's life and I have to let him live it. I am Mamma and my job is to build him up and be his soft place to fall in this cruel world. So I will be patient and allow James to discover how he needs to navigate this world physically. We do a small amount of structured PT and that is done in the water because he likes it. We do continue to do our yearly intensive physical therapy because that can be done in a camp like way through play. 

Those are the 2015 highlights. I hope those of you that still read blogs enjoyed this little update and continue to follow us.
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