Monday, February 21, 2011

Horseback Riding Lessons

Last week my facebook feed was FULL of all my mom friends talking about t-ball sign ups. Now I know that 3 is pretty young for children to play t-ball and I certainly agree that some of these parents get WAY to involved with over scheduling their children. But then again who and I to talk. I have the most scheduled life on the planet LOL ( but trust me I wish I didn't have to)  Having had grown up with a football coach for a father I have seen some crazy sports moms and dads, and even though I always said I would NEVER be one of those mom. I just never knew that the "option" would be taken away from me. Or that is what satan tried to make me believe.

So instead of whining about what James "cant" do I was going to focus on the sports that James can do and sports that he can be independent in. There are local special needs t-ball league for when he is 5 if that is something he wants to do but the reality is that he will always needs some sort of assistance a sport like that. That is fine of course but I want to expose him to activities that put him on the same level as his peers. James should have to be resigned to always being on the "special" teams. So on a search I went :-)

And I found Therapeutic horseback riding. I had known about it and St. Louis told us it was one of the best therapies for kids post SDR that there are. So I really focused on getting James enrolled. and after a mountain of paperwork....Sunday was his first lesson

James loved it. He got to brush his pony Princess and helped lead her around the paddock to get her ready to ride. When he got on her he spent several minute leaning dow to give her kisses. It was SO sweet. He could barely get started riding for hugging and kissing her. When we asked if he was ready to ride that is when he got nervous. He whined a bit but after about 5 or 6 steps he was telling Princess to "go!" He really had to work all of his muscles to keep balanced on the pony but he did a great job. My Dad and I were on each side to catch him and also to help him push his feet into the saddle.  Even thought he just rode about 15 min he was exhausted from the hard work of balancing. It was a great workout and FUN too! I really hope this is something that he loves to do because it is a sport that I can see him doing independently when he gets older. We will be going every Sunday for lessons and I am sure lots of pictures will be forth coming!!


Melissa Kelly

That's so good to hear. And great encouragement from you. I find myself being discouraged around and feeling sorry for Kensley cause she can't do like all the others kids. But your right I just need to look for the things she can do. Thanks for the advise.

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