Friday, September 9, 2011

Been a long time...

Hi everyone! I know it has been a long while since I have sat down and made a post. I have started several but always ended up deleting them never really knowing what to say. so I will start with James and see how this one goes :-)

James is really doing great! He is growing so fast and well. Time is just excaping from me so fast with him. Everyday he says new things and I am always amazed. We had a beautiful miracle medical report a few weeks back. James' hip x-rays showed that his hips were perfectly normal. I shared this on facebook because I was so excited at this healing. But I forgot that I have special mommy friends on my page that have children that their hips are a major issue. I got about 3 emails saying how insensitive I was for posting about James hips :-( 

He is doing really well in school as well. This year we are requiring him to use only his walker and his wheelchair is not an option. This has been a big adjustment for him and his teachers but everyone has adjusted well. We have seen a BIG difference in his walking due to this. He is faster and taking but bigger steps.

He is just so funny! He is always saying and doing silly things that just crack me up. He is still in love with Blues clues but his new favorite show is Wipeout. But he calls it the "Fall Down Show" he would sit a watch that show all day if we let him. His favorite thing to do is to watch it with his Daddy because they act out what it going on. It is really funny.

Josh and I have had a rough few months emotionally. We haven't really shared with too many this but we experienced another miscarriage. It has been really difficult on my physically because this was a pregnancy that they believe was in the tube as well. And took a VERY long time to resolve physically. It has been a very difficult process, but we are finally back on track. I have really struggled with this m/c because it took me so long to be ready to try again for another child after James. Having so many friends and people close to me pregnant doesn't always make it easier. And being a newborn photographer can be an extra sting sometime but really that has helped me more than anything. Cause I get to be reminded what I am striving for. We are going back to our fertility doctor and back on the medications to help. Those medications will make ya a little more sensitive to things as well but I have tried to keep my sanity.

Josh's work is going well. He received a promotion last week and finally go the recognition that he has deserved for ...well frankly his whole life. I am so proud of the husband, man and father that he is for us. His childhood best friend killed himself last week and that has been hard on him. He and I have both struggled with the anger that suicide brings to those left behind. James has been the hardest hit and we just dont understand how a man could look at his beautiful family and choose to leave them. I just dont understand how you could do that to your child. If there is one positive to take from such a sad and terrible situation, I have seen what a strong man my husband is. And how I am so proud to be his wife. I think those are the highlights. James will be having another surgery in Jan so when we know more I will update about that soon as well.



Hi James you don't know me but I am a friend of your Grandma Jane who is such a sweet lady. We met on internet and have become friends and she tells me about you and your family. I am so happy about your hips and will be saying lots of prayers for you that you continue to progress so well. Keep up the good work with the walker. Tell Mommy that I have said a lot of prayers for her and her health to as I here she is one strong lady. All the best to you and Mommy and Daddy. Blessings Sandra


Mary Ellen, I don't think it's insensitive AT ALL to post good news about James's hips! I think sometimes people forget what the point of Facebook is; it's *your* page which updates about *your* life. If they don't want to see posts, they should hide them. After Everett died, I hid every single FB friend I had with a baby. All of them. Slowly, I've unhidden those people, in my time. But it's silly and unrealistic for me to expect the whole internet to ignore what's going on in their lives in order to be "sensitive" to me. Because truly, updating about your own life or your own child on your own page is not insensitive. I'm sorry you had to deal with that. I am constantly amazed by your ability to be so sweet to and genuinely happy for other mammas and babies. I rejoice with you in the awesome work Jesus has done in James's sweet little hips! :)

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