Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ortho Update

First I wanted to give a PreSchool update on James. I am going off what his teacher tells me and from the notes that I am given. I know that drop off has been great. He doesnt cry at all when I drop him off and the other kids usually say "Its James!" so I think he is making some good friends. Tuesday was a rough day I think. His teacher's aid said that he cried a lot. I think a lot of that was the fact that we started an hour of PT during school.

I know that the PT the school is using is a contract PT. I am not sure if she has been trained in pediatrics because from her notes she says that James is not tolerant of PT. And if you have been reading about James for very long you know that he works harder than any ADULT I have ever know much less a toddler. But I just climbed the hill of getting him a hour of PT in school, so i have to pick my battles for right now. I am not very happy with the therapist and the notes she has been writing me. It just seems like she isnt very willing to learn about James and what motivates him. It is frustrating for me and I KNOW it has to be frustrating for James. i have worked so hard to make PT fun that I am afraid she is messing that up. I mean I am in PT with James for hours EVERYDAY of the week, so I know that it is hard work to keep a 3 year old motivated. I am not new to this rodeo, but I dont think my experience is wanted.

I am glad that his teacher seems to be picking up where the PT is lacking. She is very willing to listen to me and not push my concerns and suggestions aside. I am the first to say that I hate being "that" mom but if it means giving my James the best chance in life to walk and be independent then I dont mind stepping on a few toes. I just hope it gets easier but if our life holds true to this pattern I can forget that ;-) I am researching getting an advocate but right now we have such a great teacher that I think she will help me get James what he needs. Today I was told was a wonderful day. He laughed and smiled a lot. He didnt cry once. I am glad they are getting so see the sweet James as well.

I picked James up from school a littler early today because he had his 6 month check with Dr. B his Pediatric Orthopedic Dr. Usually this in an appointment that has lots of tears because it has always been such a painful exam and James HATE getting x-rays done. BUT the super cool thing I had forgotten was that post-surgery James doesn't have the pain getting checked out now :-) What a wonderful change that was. He let the Dr. moves his legs around ( and he could) and he even walked for him. He didnt even cry when he had his x-rays done. WOW being pain free is a wonderful thing!!

Dr. B took a look at James hip that has been going in and out of socket. The bad news is it hasnt changed since before surgery....the GOOD news is that is hasnt changed since surgery . We just have to take the good and roll with is. His hip is unchanged. I am curious to see what Dr. Park thinks about that. Dr. B doesnt think it is causing any pain and I dont either. It does pop but James doesnt seem to care at all when it does that. He also talked about James tibial torsion that he has. This means James foot is twisting in from his knee. It will eventually cause bone deformity but right now there is nothing we can do about it because he is growing at such a rapid rate it would do any good to fix it now. I am not going to borrow trouble. We will just put what I can not change on the back burner for now. Dr. B thought that James looked wonderful. He loved James walking so well. I liked that the only tears that were shed were when James couldn't stay and play with the "girls" ( nurses that were loving on James)

Next week we will be headed up to St. Louis. I am very excited about finding out what Dr. Park and the PT have to say about James' progress. I hope they will be pleased with how he has done. I know that we certainly are!!



I really hope his PT at school starts going better! How AWESOME that his Ortho appt was pain free!!!! I know that must of been an amazing feeling for you!!! He is such a little miracle and I just love seeing how much he has accomplished these past few months! James is my hero!!!

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