Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The view from here

Sometimes I am asked how I manage everything in my day. Can I be honest with you here on my blog?

I dont know!

Sometimes when the day is over and I finally sit down, I wonder myself how I fit all the "stuff" in one day. But we do and that is our life right now. I try my best to do it with as much grace and I can muster but sometimes I dont do so well. I know that can be short and blunt with those around me. I hope that I make up for it on the days that I am myself.

Its just that sometimes my view is clouded with therapists, IEP's, doctor appointments, medical bills and just STUFF of life with a child that has special needs. I know that I forget to look up from that specific view in times stress. But when I do I can see that the sights are pretty good from here too. I wanted to share a few positives of life with James so that you know that I really do see the blessings in my life as well.

Having a child with special needs gives you a different perspective on those childhood milestones. I also think that I have a special appreciation for the little things in life as well. Take Halloween for example, most parents might not give a second thought to their child walking up to get candy. For our family it took us 3 years to see James be able to walk up to 2 houses. It was beautiful and something that I will never forget.

James is such a joy. He loves to laugh and play with his kitchen. He is able to crawl on his hands and knees pretty much everywhere now. He doesnt army crawl pretty much at all anymore. He can pull up to the coffee table and the couch anytime he wants to. His favorite activity right now is to go outside on the patio by himself ( of course I am watching him) He loves to tell me "Bye Mommy. I go outside now" He plays with his sidewalk chalk and sand table. He can even throw a ball to his dog Sushi. He gets dirty and sticky. James is all boy and I love it!
When I get wrapped up in taking care of all the things he "cant" do I have to take a moment and remind myself of all the things that he CAN do!



LOVE the picture of him Trick-or-Treating!!!!

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