Thursday, December 29, 2011

This time next week

This time next week the worst part will be over. God willing, James will be out of surgery and recovering well. But that is next week, and building up to that is rough. Getting everything ready to leave for a medical trip is so hard. What to bring? And how exactly do you safely pack Hip x-rays so they don't get bent?? Pinterest doesn't have any creative cute ideas for that one :-/

We did have an answered prayer though. Our housing is taken care of for the trip. We will be staying at Haven House. It is like Ronald McDonald except that you do have to pay a small daily rent, but it is only $30! They provide breakfast and dinner for the families that are staying. This is a HUGE weight lifted off our shoulders and it really ease the financial burden by several hundred dollars for housing. My husbands work changed insurances and it will take effect Jan 1st. This is really scary for us and we are stepping out on Faith that God will provide. Because the new insurance only covers 80% of this surgery when our previous insurance was going to cover 100% after the deductible. And we had not budgeted for this since it is a change that happened last week, when this surgery bus is rolling and cant stop now. But I am grateful for the insurance that we DO have. Everything else will work out. 

In the meantime, James is doing so great. He is the funniest and brightest kid I know. He got a LeapPad for his birthday and that is his most favorite thing EVER. It amazes me how quickly kids can pick up technology. He also got new braces this week. They were exactly what we ordered but will work for now. The company messed up on some things and are going to make him some new ones. Good new is he will have what he needs post op and that is the most important thing. I think he likes them much better too. They have a hinge  on the ankle( that can be locked) and I think they are more comfortable for him. 

We had a wonderful Christmas. This was the first year that James seemed to really get excited about Santa and presents. He had a wonderful time opening and playing with his toys Christmas morning. Then his Grandmommy and Papaw and Aunt LaLa came over for brunch. It was a very relaxing a fun day.

I will be using Twitter to update about James surgery and it is linked to James facebook page so if you want the updates feel free to join James' facebook page.


Denise :)

I've been praying and will *continue* to pray for y'all as you travel and then for the surgery, recovery, and the travel home. Love you!!! :)

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