Monday, January 9, 2012

A Journey in Pictures

There are a lot of things I want to say about this trip to St. Louis and the surgery. I just cant seem to get all my words together because we are still so very tired, and James is still in pain during the day. So I thought I would give you guys a quick picture journey of our trip. 

And we are Off!

Our home for the week

A little sight seeing and we took James to the Magic house and this was his favorite thing. 
The Mock Oval Office

 Evaluation Day!!

 I LOVE this series because James had the camera and was taking pictures. I love seeing from his view point.

And THIS is why we come to St. Louis!!
 Time to see our favorite doctor. Dr. Park

 HaHA Checking out James game. Nothing like watching a world class neuro surgeon being schooled on a video game by a 4 year old!!! 

 The BIG day ( surgery day)

 This pretty much sums up how I felt

As we are here
 After some high class calm down drugs James is chilled out in the pre-op room ( we had to wait for 3 hours!)
 Marked where the incisions will go

 They let me use my Wal-Mart degree and assist! Just kidding, they let me go back into the OR until James fell asleep.

 Recovery wake up was ROUGH

 Finally resting

 View from the room

 Best Daddy in the world!

 4 incision sites
 First post op PT

 James can kick!

 Fist time standing post op. Lots of pain but he did it

 Showing off those wiggly toes!

 Headed home
 Home sweet home as James said when I sat him down in his  messy room to take this picture!
Surgery was a success. Dr. Dobb said he got full range of motion in his tendons, which we were hoping for. and he expected him to make a wonderful recovery. Just going to take time. Dr. Park was very happy with his progress. Dr. Park told us that he expects James to be an independent walker with in the year!



Mary Ellen, that was just awesome!! You and Josh are awesome parents. That little sweet baby has more love than he will ever know. I look up to you and Josh so much as parents and spouses. Together you 3 make the BEST TEAM EVER!!! James I am so proud of you. You were such a big boy. I can't wait to see the videos of you walking!!


James, my daughter Jillian likes to talk everyone elses ears off as well, you guys should be friends! Mary Ellen, I imagine if I had sat through that, I would have bitten off nail polish AND my nails down to the quick! I'm so glad that he did so well!


Oh wow! Independent walking! That would be amazing!


this is wonderful. Thank you for letting us be a part of this. <3

Denise :)

As usual, I walk through your posts with tears ... very definitely happy tears for you all and especially James!!!! *hugs*!! :)


Bless little James' sweet heart! He is a trooper if I've ever "seen" one! (And so are you for that matter). I can't wait to see how God continues to work miracles in little James' life! Lots of love, Sarah

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