Tuesday, January 24, 2012

3 weeks Post op

James is just flat out amazing. He is 19 days post surgery and is back to his feisty and active self. We are noticing little changes that are making HUGE changes in his walk and body. Now I am under no delusions that my son's feet are moving like a typically developing child's feet now but they are moving! That is the miracle in itself right there. After the SDR James could bend his legs and separate them at will. He even could start to move his feet and toes some. But after this PERC lengthening WOW he is wiggling and moving them more and more everyday. 

 He is now able to fully weight bear on his feet and he seems to have grown a foot!
 James is back in his walker and walking better than ever before. We are noticing things about his walk that we never saw before. Like we knew that his left foot tended to turn inward but now that everything is stretched we are seeing it more, but the BIG difference is that he can control it and I think with proper PT and strengthening he will correct it himself in time.
 His balance is better. He got this Plasma car for Christmas and he loved it, but he still couldnt quite stay on it. Now he is able to ride it and steer. So great to have an outside toy!!
 I have been doing a lot of home PT with James. St. Louis gave us a home program and we are really trying our best to follow it. But some of the exercises are just boring so I have been trying to make them a little more exciting. This is a classroom game called Crocodile Hop. It has several way to play and James really thinks it is a lot of fun. I love that I can hide PT with it!

 These arent very fun looking pictures but I wanted to show you how James scars are healing. The top is the Hamstring cut and the scar in the calf is where they did the gastrocs
Here is James walking with his walker. See those heel strikes I have been talking about. The last part of the video is better because he gets off the hill he was on and pays attention to his feet. 
 BEST of all!!! James has started to take some steps with his canes. We are super excited about this because it is just another step to taking those independent steps one day. He stood with his canes for 2 whole minutes before getting scared and asking for help. And he took 4 steps with his canes before he realized that I had let go. Progress is always welcome in this house!!


Denise :)

Yay!! All this is such tremendous news. James is such a go-getter and perseverer! He get it from his mama!! :)


All I can say is wonderful wonderful a new James in progress. One day he will walk all by himself, I know this in my heart. God Bless

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