Friday, July 23, 2010

6 weeks Post SDR

Well here we are! 6 week Post SDR surgery, and I couldn't be happier. James is really progressing so well, and I am really excited to see what the next few weeks and months will hold for him.

James has worked so hard to build his strength back up. We have hit a few road-blocks with sickness and just plain ole stubborn-ness but overall we is has been a smooth road. I have tried to find some intensive camp-like therapy but there isnt anything even close to our area. The only option that we have is in Birmingham and you have to be 6 months post op to go. So we are still looking into that but for right now we are sticking with our course of therapy.

6 weeks post op James can now crawl for up to 15-20 feet on his hands and knees, He can sit criss-cross ( Taylor sit) and he can even get in to side sit all by himself. As you saw in the videos, he is taking steps under his own weight and they are actually getting him places. We are still working on moving those steps into his walker.

Other little things that we didnt really expect are exciting too. James is talking much clearer and in long sentences. I have been able to understand him but now others can too! His hand movement is much better too. He can grip things tighter and pick up smaller objects. Another cool thing is that he seems to be switching from left handed to right handed. Which we always thought it was right handed because he has always stabilized himself with his right. So I guess we will see which hand he uses as we go along. As long as he can use one with quality, I don't care which hand it is.

This 6 weeks has gone by so very fast, and I am sure there are so many little things I am forgetting but I spend my days with my chin on the floor that it is hard to stop and make myself remember each little detail. That is why I try to have my cell phone with me so that I can video all the little things. In a way I feel like I am reliving his first year because I am getting to see all those milestones that I "missed" out on. I use quotes because I dont think I really missed out on them but instead God has allowed me an even sweet prize. I get to be so head over heels in love with my son and have more life under our belt. That just makes seeing these milestones even more exciting. It is also great to see the joy on James' face and how proud he is of himself.

Speaking of that sweet face of James. I have some new pictures to share of James. One of my photographer friends took James pictures and I LOVE them!! Kelly Clark Baugher Photography ! She is so talented and did a great job at capturing my son's spirit. I am happy to call her not only a peer but a friend. Thank you Kelly!!


The Blue Sparrow

Yay! Glad to hear that he is making progress! Slow and steady wins the race! Love the pics! He is such a doll!


Love the pics!! :) And it's so amazing what he has been able to accomplish so far. I can't wait to hear more!

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