Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We ARE still here!!

What a busy summer this has been. Not only the surgery but my photography business has really kept me on my toes. I am not complaining because it has been needed income for our family with all the extra medical costs. Just wish I could get 5 more mins of sleep ;-)

I have been lacking on keeping up this blog and it isnt because I dont want to, more of just having a minute to sit down and type everything out. James has been growing stronger everyday. He is really wanting to walk everywhere he goes. I have been trying to really let him have that mobility but boy is it hard on my back. I have be advised by therapist not to bend over to help him walk so much but that is coming from a therapist mindset and not from someone that lives with a 2 year old that wants to be walking. I just can look at his face and tell him to crawl when he asks me "Mommy I walk now" So me and my chiropractor might get to be best friends but my son will get to walk!!

We will also be headed down to a special intensive physical therapy program in 2 weeks. I have worked it out to where James will be getting 3 hours of PT 4 days a week with therapist that are very used to kids post rhisotomy. I LOVE all of our home therapist and they are GREAT at what they do, but I dont feel we can get that intense strength building that St. Louis recommend due to such full schedules. All we can get right now is 1 hour sessions, and that is great for day to day but I feel that James need s little boost to get his strength back up.

I aslo really want to bend the ear of the therapist that have 75% of their work load rhisotomy kids. I dont know what is "typical" post op and our home therapist dont really know either since they have never worked with a child this young right after the SDR. So some of the habits or issues we are dealing with concern me and I an not getting very clear answers. I get a lot of things I am doing wrong sometimes but not much encouragement that we are doing things right. It can be frustrating to walk on eggs shells and know that your therapist talk about you when you are gone. But I have to throw MY ego out the window and realize that I am doing what is right for OUR family and lives and it is ok if some people dont like me. Ahhhhh to be a "typical" mom would be nice but that is not our life and that is ok :-)

We have some BIG things happening in our family life right now as well. I will talk more about that when plan are a little more firm ( and no I am not pregnant) We are making some really big grown up decisions about or lives and what we want for the future. We are seeking God's plan and we know that He will guide us in all we do. I am looking forward to seeing what God has in story for us.

So that is where we are today.



It is good to know that he is eager to want to walk. Do everything now because waiting for later does not help. I wish you good luck with your future plans.


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