Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Camp Day #2

Whew!! I think I could just post that one word and it would just about sum up what I think about this intense camp experience. I am learning so much and what James needs to be getting in physical therapy. I hope our home therapist are ready for me to come back because I am being armed with some good stuff ;-)

James' session starts out with warm compresses on his legs and back, then they do a 5 min massage to get his legs warmed up. After that they do a series of stretches but all desquised at games that James actually enjoys. Today we worked a LOT on his tall kneel. This is something that we have done at home but the level of reps and intensity James is being asked to do is unbelievable. I didnt realize that he could be pushed his far and DO IT!!

He had to knee walk in what is call tall kneel. This means that he is up on his knees only and cant sit back on his bottom. He had to do a puzzzle inthis position, but the catch was that each puzzle peice what at the other end of the table and it took him about 10 side steps on his knees to get there. THEN he had to bring the puzzle peice back ( 10 more side steps) and put the peice in its place. Might sound simple but this was hard work for James when he has never even been able to get into tall kneel before the surgery.

We did more big ball excersies as well. James got to take a break after a bout an hour and half. Even on his break he had to stand in the stander but he didnt mind because he got to play with playdoh with one of the UAB pt students. She was cute and James was a flirt!! hahaha At the end of the 3 hour James got to walk out using this quad canes. He did even better than yesterday. The put blues clues stickers on his shoes and the canes to teach him the process. I think my jaw stayed on the flo0r because I just never imagined him in canes just 8 weeks out from the SDR.

After therapy we got a special treat becuase Josh came down to see us. It was SO great to see my husbands sweet face. James was happy to see his Daddy too. We got to hangout and eat dinner together. Tomorrow we are adding a little more work ( I know crazy) for James. We will start his OT part of the camp as well. So that means that he will go 3 hours in PT and then have a lunch break and come back for an hour of OT. That is a reciepe for one tired baby!! I am glad that he went to be tonight at 8:30 without issue because he is going to need his rest!


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