Thursday, August 19, 2010

Camp Day #3

James and I almost didn't make it to camp today. James decided to wake up at 3am this morning share a happy "Good Morning" with me. I hear his calling good morning and when open my eyes I see little fingers waving and me from behind the half wall that separates my bed and his crib. It was pretty cute but would have bee cuter had it actually been morning. After about an hour of James serenading me with his raspberries on his arm, he went back to sleep. Needless to say it made for a late start to the morning.

We did make it though and had a great camp. James did LOTS of sit to stand activities today. Normal he has a little table in front of him that he will put his hands down on to help him stand. NOT HERE! He has to put his hands in front of him ( in a prayer position) and stand using just his legs muscles. He did 20 reps of that!! His little legs were noodles after that. He did it though because the pay off was getting to roll cars down and slide and what 2 year old little boy does enjoy that.

After his 3 hours of PT he had 1 hour of OT today. She wanted to do some testing on James but after 3 hours of PT she did really get great cooperation. He just keep putting his head down and saying " I go night night" *Mommy's heart was breaking at this one* But the trooper that James is, he did the whole our and even had a little fun in the process playing with the kitchen toys. Although I was concerned that he kept telling the therapist that he burnt the toast! He must have gotten that from my mother :-) Sorry mom didn't mean to throw you under the bus here!! haha

After camp we got to go have lunch with one of James' facebook "fans" that was in town and had contacted me. I just LOVE meeting the people that have prayed for James for so long. It really is nice to put a face to the comments. James was tired but a flirt! He thought her 11 year old was really cool because she was playing her music for him. It was a nice break from the therapy life we are living right now. So thank you Leslie!

After James' nap this afternoon, I think we are going to take a field trip to Wal-Mart and get some things. James is having muscle soreness from all the extra work so the therapist suggested some warming massage cream. Not really exciting events after therapy but we are doing well . This weekend I hope to have LOTS of pictures ( if blogger will start letting me upload them) because if the weather cooperates I am going to take James to the zoo. YIPPIE!


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