Thursday, August 26, 2010

Camps days #6 and #7

Going to combine since I forgot to post yesterday! oops! Well if you have been following on James facebook page, I am sure you saw the abundance of videos that I posted yesterday. James had a great session on Wednesday. He had an early bedtime and I have discovered that a little Baby Advil is in order for out little man. He is sore and that seems to get him through the soreness. His daddy also surprised us during therapy with a visit!! James and I were very excited. Josh got to see in person James walking in his canes. He loved it!!

After therapy, Josh and James took a nap and I took a little break from having a 2 year old attached to me 24/7. One of the housemates here at the house discovered that I was a photographer for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep and she asked me to come and take pictures of their son. God has given them the gift of time but sweet little C's time here on this side of heaven is nearing a close and I was happy to be able to offer my services to his family. I ask that you pray for this sweet family, and pray tot he God of miracles that His will be done. We know that he promises healing and I know this family longs for that healing to be on this side of heaven.

But after my session, I went over and sat by myself in the living room . It was nice to just relax a bit. I went and woke up the boys after a few minutes and we all came down and had dinner. Josh got James to eat an entire piece of pizza! And everyone was so shocked that one of the other moms actually took a picture of it LOL! Daddy has the magic touch I guess ;-) It was sad to see Josh leave but I am glad he could come down.

Today was another successful day at camp. James had a few meltdown with frustration but they were eased by the new listening therapy program that we started. It is specialized music that plays at a specific frequency and modulates to match brain wave patterns. It is used for a variety of sensory issues, but the therapist here use it on post rhisotomy kids that are having some sensory issues like James. We think he is getting overwhelmed when the gym gets crowded and loud. But when when we put the special headphones on he calms down. James has always been very musical and this is right up his alley. He isn't a great fan of the headphones but he asks for the music. Or as he calls it "My music" So we are going to use it for the rest of camp time and see what difference it makes. Anything that will help his PT goes smoother I am ALL for.

I did a Mommy no no today!! I asked the therapist what she saw and James' walking chances. YIKES!! This is a no no because without fail the therapist will either tell you they don't have a crystal ball or give you a VERY low ball answer that will crush your spirit. So I have learned to words these questions very carefully. I want an honest answer but I know they they cant see the future either. So I asked what she saw ans James' strengths in his potential to walk. I was shocked at her answer. She told me that she thought James would be walking with his canes ( if we keep up the hard work) in 3- 6 months. I think she expected me to be disappointed but I know there isn't a magic "fix James pill" and this answer was exciting to me!!

St. Louis told us that they saw James being able to use canes by kindergarten and taking independent steps by age 8. And just 9 week he is already in canes and doing really well with them!! I am thrilled with that!! So it has been a great last 2 days of camp. We are also going to go on Monday just so that James sticks with his routine. We think the change was part of the cause for the meltdown Tuesday. So instead of just handing out Monday we will go in and just watch int he stander for a bit.

I think that is it for tonight! I am going to try and get some sleep tonight


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