Monday, August 30, 2010

McWane Center and other tid bits!!

We have officially entered the LAST week of therapy camp, and I am soooo ready. Dont get me wrong I have so enjoyed seeing James progress so much here, and the Ronald McDonald house has made this long stay away from my family less sad. But I am ready to be back on my own bed, see my husband, my dog, my cat and my very own stuff! I know that James is ready to get back home too. He just isnt himself here. He is still sweet for the most part but boy oh boy does he have a short fuse.

Tonight there were a LOT of people in the dining room ( the dinner was YUMMY) and it was noisy. James just doesnt handle that level of noise very well. He played with the kids for a bit but we had to leave and let him eat in the room because he just couldnt take it anymore. It is hard to see him get so upset and overwhelmed by it all. So I know he will be happy to be back home. Even if it will only be short lived. ( Ill get to that later)

I took James to the McWane center today. The RMH gives the families a pass for the zoo and McWane center. How nice is THAT!! I was concerned that there wouldnt really be much for James to do , but I was suprised that he was able to participate in a lot of activities. He LOVED that there were buttons everywhere and he could push anything. It is a hands on kids science center for those of you that dont know. We had never been and I really want to come back with Josh and spend the day. I will post the pictures I took later.

Tomorrow we will begin our last week here at camp and it is a little bitter sweet. James has progressed SO much that I just cant wait to show everyone how much stronger he is getting. We still have a long road of hard work to go before he is walking independantly but he is on his way! We have amde such great friends here at the RMH. I have enjoyed our dinners together and just getting to know each other. We have heard some very sad things and there have been some families that have lost their children while we were here as well. This house is not a vacation spot but it is safe, beautiful and a home a way from home when you need a home life envoronment the most. I have really enjoyed it here. And when one of the ladies asked me to tell James' story for the RMH newsletter I was more that happy to do so. I will never look at those little donation boxes at McDonald the same. So plan to hear some ways that YOU can help me give back to our home for the last 3 weeks.

Well my little man is sound asleep and I am going to do a little work before I join him. I will let you know how tomorrow goes!!


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