Sunday, August 22, 2010

Camp day #4 and the Weekend

I have been having issues with Blogger so I have been late in posting up my post about James day #4 but finally Blogger decided to let me post. Here goes!!

Friday we had to take a little 20 min drive to the office of another PT that is apart of James' therapy team for camp. This therapist is the guru for stretching the post rhisotomy kids and I no agree! So does James!! But unlike the screaming matches James and I have over his stretches at home , it was a pleasant experience for James. She started out with putting hot pads on James legs for 20 mins and then will massage oil doing a deep massage and then the stretches. During the stretches James kept sighing. The therapist and I were cracking up :-)

After his massage, James worked on his tall kneel exercises. Then over to the big red ball. We also did some wrist extension exercises. I wish I could explain better what all James does in the 3 1/2 hours but they transition so well from one activity to the next it and so often it is hard to list them all. I just know that James is working HARD!!

So since I have talked a lot about what James is doing in therapy. I wanted to say a little bit about what I am going through here away from my support system. Josh and I have a great support system in my family. Unfortunately we are not close with Josh's side of the family. We are grateful for my family,and the love and support they have given us not matter if the agreed with our choices or not we always know we have a soft place to fall. Being away from that I feel a bit lost. Dont get my wrong I am in a nice and safe place here, but its not home. Doing everything 24/7 myself for James can get lonely and difficult. I dont think I realized just how much Josh and I were a team. I miss that. We did get a visit from Josh this weekend and that was great.

James hasnt been eating if we are downstairs, but as soon as Josh showed up James was his happy self and ate like a pig. It is hard to see the stress that being away from home causes James but I and trying my best to keep my eyes on the years down the road outcome. And the stress we are taking away from that life. It is a balance that I dont always succeed in but I try. Saturday James and I had a fun adventure. The Ronald McDonald house has passes to the zoo and a few other attractions here and we were able to go to the zoo. It was really hot but we had a great time.

James and I rode the train and I let him decide where we went. I figure the little guy doesn't get to decide much in his life he can at least choose what we see at the zoo. We spent most of our time at the kangaroo house and with the birds. I didnt want to see the Big cat because he told me they were scary. So we saw less scary animals :-). He LOVED the birds and took us back there a few times. After some strawberry ice cream and a trip to the gift shop we headed back home for a nap.

Oh and as a little note. We will be here for 3 weeks! I thought this was a 2 week program but when I was looking at the schedule I noticed that we are actually here for 3 weeks. Going to be hard to be away for that long but WOW what progress can James make after 3 weeks!!


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