Saturday, August 28, 2010

Turning 32 at the Ronald McDonald Hose

As a kids McDonald parties were really fun. You got to eat cake and chicken nuggets, sit in a big throne chair and play in the ball pit. WELLLL having an adult birthday at the Ronald McDonald house isn't as much fun come to find out. No ball pit to play in, the "throne" isn't as regal as one would wish for and my chicken nuggets got stolen!!

Yep that pretty much sums it up for today. My Mom, Jenda and the kids come down to see me today. That was GREAT! I needed to see some faces of people I loved around. I have made some great friends here but I am officially homesick. So it was good to have people that love me around. Mom brought me her Pot Roast which I usually request for my birthday dinner. And they brought me a nice big chocolate cake. They didn't get here until a little later in the afternoon so James was a little in the cranky and tired side. Jenda took the kids to her mothers and mom and I got to hang out. James had to lay down for a nap ( so did mom hehehe) . It was nice just to be in the room with her again.

So after they left, James took a good long nap. When he got up I was ready to go downstairs and eat my yummy birthday food. But it was not meant to be. Someone decided that it looked toooooooo yummy and they took it. I had it labeled and it was sitting right beside my bin. But I guess they were SO hungry that they lost all compassion and ate it anyway. SIGH!! Since James had napped so long we missed the house dinner, so I had to walk down to Moe's and get us something to eat.

Did you know that Moe's wont take your credit card if you don't have your ID with you??? I didn't but I do now. I keep my card in my little ID badge they gave us at the house with our room keys so I don't have to carry my purse around. But I don't have my license with it. And Moe's wouldn't let me pay unless I had my ID so I had enough cash to buy James' food but I had to leave my nice big black bean burrito there :-( SIGH again!

Well here I am in my room tonight and I have decided that I am declaring a Birthday DO OVER!! I refuse to turn another year older because this birthday just doesn't count. Yep that is what we will do! HAHA! You think I can just refuse to get older but keep the cake part???



We'll schedule your do-Over bday as a GNO soon! Kinda like last year! What was it, a puking 2yr old on your bday? I can't remember, but I know we both needed a GNO at that time last year too.


How rude that someone ate your food!!!!

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