Monday, September 27, 2010

Did you think I had left you??

Well I didn't :-) James and I are still here, but every time I sit down to blog about what is going on I loose all my words. The past few weeks since we have been home from the therapy camp James has started to walk independently with his walker ( yippie!!) , we have moved to a new home, and I opened a new photography studio.

These were things that really weren't planned to happen all together but that is they way they fell. i have been doing my best just to keep my head above water with everything that has been going on. I haven't been doing such a good job. In fact last week I passed out at one of James Pt sessions and for the greater part of the day it was thought that I had had a stroke.

NICE!! A 32 year old stroke victim. That is a title that I do not want behind my name. So this weekend I have been really reflecting on what truly is important and what isnt. I have always enjoyed being busy and I don't think that will change. the thing that HAS to change is taking time for myself. I have always had good reason for not taking that time. They are great excuses, but wanna know the truth of the matter? If I am busy I cant be sad. If my days are filled with "To Do" lists I don't notice all those mothers in the grocery store that are complaining how they have to chase their children up and down the aisles. If I am busy I can keep from yelling at them that they should be praising God that their children are alive and running!!

See, all of you that think I am some sort of "Super Mom", now can see that I am just a tired mom just trying to hold it together. I am beyond grateful that I even have James. Every time this year ( around James' birthday) I start to reflect on just how easily I could not have James. God has blessed me so much with the ability to raise James on this side of heaven and I feel like I should be in constant praise for that. I try to be but the Devil knows just where to attack me.

So the bottom line to all that is that I am going to be doing some hard looking at my daily schedule as well as some of the activities that can survive without my help. Not everyone is going to be happy with me but I have got to be around for James and my husband for many many more years. The path I am on wont get me there.



Take care of yourself, sweet girl! Your family needs you. . .and God has a way of getting our attention. Because He loves us. :-)


You are a super mom. But you are right, to be able to be that super mom to James you have to take care of yourself. I know you will come up with the perfect plan as you always do. Don't worry about what others will think about your decisions, do what is best for you, your child and your husband.

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