Monday, December 27, 2010

Jesus' word will find you

For Christmas we got James a Veggie Tales devotional book for little boys. It was one of those stocking stuffers that I hoped he would like after we got into the routine of it but never expected him to really notice it. It has no pictures or colors. The wording is actually written a little old for James but the lessons are good. Christmas night we read our first devotional. It is important to Josh and I both that James grow up with a thirst for Christ.

I was shocked at how attached James has been over this book. He calls it his Bible book and has cried every night because I wont let him sleep with it. I love that he loves it but to be honest I think God has put such a love for it in James for me. I have been struggling with staying optimistic and focused on James positive recovery. We have hit a platue and I see so many other children that have had the SDR now starting to take independent steps or other big milestones that James hasnt reached yet. And it has been frustrating for me. It has been 3 years now that I have been a mother of a child with special needs and you would think that I have learned not to compare James to other kids by now but I havent. James is also having some new physical struggles in PT. His left foot has turned inward at a 90 degree angle and it is really keeping him from walking. He is so frustrated and that is just a domino affect on the rest of therapy. His water therapy has been canceled and I really think that has a LOT to do with his new tightness. I am going to pick up the slack by taking him myself to a pool each week until his therapist returns.

Getting back to my original point. While going through James' little nightly devotionals God has really spoke to me. The past 3 devotionals have been about frustration and having a happy spirit. I just find it beautiful that God can give you want you need even through Larry the tomato! And today we were given another reason to be happy. James stood independently without his walker or holding one to anything or anyone for 10 whole seconds! It was beautiful!
Next week James will be adding some de-rotation cords to his cute outfits. The Pt department thinks that with stretching and these cables we might be able to fix this new issue without surgery. James will have to wear these cables all the time for awhile so please say a prayer that they wont be too uncomfortable and that they will ease his frustration.


The Blue Sparrow

I will definatly be praying for you guys! I love those little veggie tales books, my nieces & nephews love them! I've always been amazed at how God is able to get us the exact message we need to hear at exactly the right time. He really IS and awesome God! (((HUGS)))

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