Thursday, December 30, 2010

What I see...

When you look at this photo what do you see? Do you notice that it is unfocused? Do you see all the clutter of my living room? Or maybe you just see a "disabled" child?

I am sure there are so many different view points from each of you. I wanted to share what I see when I look at this photo.

I see.........

Hard Work
Long hours in a Physical therapy exam room
Tears of Pain
Tears of Joy
Sleepless nights
A Future
Quality of Life

I see Movement!

I have so many pictures of James being held in place or standing up for a split second while I snap and quick as I can. But I don't have many pictures of MOVEMENT! Pictures where you can see all the hard work he has put into making his body work. Yes, he has a long way to go but pictures like this PROVE that he is on his way. All the work is not for naught. It has all be for a reason . He is moving and it is beautiful!



The FIRST thing I saw was the blur of James moving...THEN I read your blog! I also see a great sense of humor, a tender heart and a sweet boy I love beyond reason. I see his walker:-)...nope, didn't change a thing for me!


YES I see movement... but we can only see the back of his head... we can't see that little face. I wonder... are the brows furrowed togehter in concentration as he musters his strength to make one foot go after the other? But, soon that concentration will give way to victory and the face will gleam with the smile of a little one who has started to master movement... movement that so many of us take for grantid. James, you are such a trooper!!! Gina Terry

Susan Hallum

I see the pure love of a loving and dedicated mother that has done EVERYTHING she can to help one strong, brave and determined little boy walk across this room by himself. It is a perfect picture!


Love this pic of your sweet baby James! What a fighter he is!

Michelle Karr

I LOVE it!!!!!!


How awesome! Go James go!

Gmama Jane

I see a big part of my heart making those determined steps! I see a little boy who is smart, very funny, happy, joyful, stubborn, focused, who loves his Mommy & Daddy more than life, and who thinks it's a Big Deal to go to Grandmama & PaPa's house! I love this sweet little boy and pray for even more progress in 2011!
Love Grandmama

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