Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Design for the New Year

I have been wanting to have a new look for this blog for a while and I final had a few seconds to get it done. This weekend has been really great. Josh has has the entire weekend off and we have enjoyed each others company. We made a decisions a few years ago that some weekends are issue free. This means that we spend the time relaxing and reconnecting as a couple and family. No talk about therapies, doctors, or bills. Just time together.

Being a family that has to deal with a lot of extra issues, this has been a must for us. I dont think we would have as good of a marriage as we do if we didnt do this. When we were struggling so hard for so many years to have a child, I learned the hard way that men and women think differently. And I did somethings that really damaged us as a couple. I regret those things and have really prayed that God will help be be the woman and wife that He has called me to be. Ad for this strong willed lady it can be tough. But Issue free weekends have been a way that I give myself permission to let it all go.

I realized that the world didnt stop spinning because I didnt nag Josh about fixing the x,y and z. In fact I learned that when we grew closer together in the fun stuff we were on the same page with the serious side of life. Isn't God good!!

Ok so I know that this post is supposed to be about 2010, and I will get to writing one of those but honestly I have to work on it some more. Saying goodbye to 2010 is bittersweet and there are some things that I have not even shared here that I feel I need to let go of. I need to say goodbye to 2010 in the right way and not rush it because when I look back on this blog I want to really remember all the joys, tears and blessings that we have had this year.

So for now I am taking my own advise and going to go back to my husband and enjoy our issue free weekend!! Watch some football and enjoy snuggling with my family! As James told us today " HAPPY YEAR YEAR!"


Gmama Jane

Well, first of all I LOve Love Love the new look!! very clean, good color selection and not too busy not that the old one was bad but change is good. Orange is definitely the *IT* color isn't it? Continue taking your own advice and let the world stop outside your door as much as possible. Anything or anyone that invades that space is not in God's will. Your home should be your sanctuary. It's good for James to see the two of you connecting. The Best present any parent can give their child or children is a set of parents who love each other and show it!! I hope your Daddy and I didn't fail you in that dept. 2011 is going to be the year of HOPE for me. Hope is my word for 2011 and my theme is going to be "Live in the Moment" so I can truly enjoy the moment rather than thinking of something I did in the past/yesterday or need to do in the future (even if that future is only 10 minutes away!).

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