Monday, March 7, 2011


Today is just a blah of a day. Not really any reason for it to be I am just feeling the weight of several things on me today. A dear friend of mine just lost her baby boy that was stillborn at 41 weeks of pregancy. I was called to do his pictures for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep and ever since then I have just been so burrdened for them. Last night I went grocery shopping and as I walked through the baby section to get pull ups for James I was overcome with grief. I havent experienced that in a very long time and it hit me out of let field.  I think knowing that I need to go and edit the images for the family is weighing on me. I just worry about giving the images to them and causing them more pain.

That is not something that I usually worry about. Usually I know that any images I can offer will be loved and cherished but since these are such close family friends I am just so worried about not upholding my duty.  So yeah, it is just a blah day today



I'm so sorry to hear of your friends losing their baby. How terribly sad :( I am praying for them and for you to help them thru this difficult time. I know I would be glad to receive such special images from you


I'm so sorry to hear of your friends loss. I will certainly be praying for them and for you as well. I can only imagine how difficult it will be for you to edit the pictures, but just know you are giving them such a beautiful gift (I'm sure you already know this). Though I know I will never have enough pictures of Andrew, the ones I have from NILMDTS are ones I will cherish always.

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