Monday, April 26, 2010

Carnival Rain or Shine

This is the week of the BIG carnival! I am so excited but really nervous that it will rain. I have not control of it so I just have to trust that rain or shine God will give us the weather we are suppose to have. The Carnival WILL go on Rain or Shine. I just hope it is shine ;-)!

It really will be fun for everyone. We have great door prizes, A Little Gym Birthday Party, Edo' Gidft certificates, and lots lots more!! There will no no charge to get it but to ride the pny, moonbounces and things like that we will be selling tickets. 100% of the proceeds will go our hotel for the week, travel expenses, our hospital in patient co-pay, and the intense 6 month therapy post-op.

Due to the donations that we have gotten so far, we were able to go ahead and order James wheelchair and it should be here before we leave for St. Louis! We got him a Lime green racer :-) I hope it will give him some freedom to play outside until the day he can run around like his peers!

So I hope to see you there. If you want a T-Shirt it is NOT too late. You can get one the day of the carnival OR you can order on now. Just click the pay pay button and tell me your shirt size you want. I will ship them to you if you are out of town . $20 Adult sizes and $15 kids sizes



I would love love love to come! I really wish I wasn't so far away!! I hope the weather is PERFECT for you guys!!

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