Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just amazing me everyday!

My little James is such an amazing kid. I know that I am mommy and all but he really does amaze me with his will to get up and move. Everytime a therapist, Dr or some random person tells me he "won't" do something, he will starting doing it within the month. He takes a little aftger his mom about that ;-) So I thought I would do a little All about James post and what he is up too lately as we get ready for the surgery.

James is 31 months old now and is weighing about 27lbs he is 34 inches long as well. He is still in LOVE with Blues Clues and in fact the love affair has only grown in the past few weeks. He wakes up and asks to watch one. I have always tried to keep his TV watching under 2 hours a day and most days we do well but that sweet little face is hard to say no too ;-)

He adores arts crafts. His favorite thing to do is to sit on the floor with his Giant coloring book and color his little heart out. We are working on a better grib for him to use when coloring , and he is doing well with it. The OT yesterday was really impressed with how he is adapting to it. I found him this great little desk that he loves to do his "school work" on. Everyday we work on colors, letters and shapes, He can recognize all of his letters and can say a lot of the correct sounds for them. He can recognize Star, Square, Circle,Triangle, and Heart. We are working on the others. His numbers are coming along a little slower but he is 2 so I guess I will let it slide ;-) hehe. The K teacher in me just has a hard time not jumping the gun I guess!

His gross motor skills are where he has made some of the LARGEST gains. He can now walk short distances in this Kaye Walker all by himself. We use a special band to help with the rotation that his left legs wants to do. I am hoping the SDR will help with that. James can sit unassisted on a stool and even lean down to reach things and back up again. He can crawl on his hands and knees and he does a littel bunny hop crawl too. He can go longer distances but if something gets in his way he will revert back to the army crawl.

In the pool James is able to go from a squatting position into standing! This is HUGE and me and the therapist both shed a tear the first time he did it. We have added so many new therapys for James but I am doing my best go with the recomendation of the St. Louis doctors. There are several theories on types of therapy but Dr. Park says that he only recommends traditional physical therapy for SDR patients. So that is what we have decided to stick with. James schedule really wont change that much post-op. We are already doing 4 days a week therapy we will just add one more to the week.

His speech and feeding have improved too! Feeding wise we have really made some progress. We are able to get most of the meals I would like for him to eat. He will wont eat veggies by themselve ( but what 2 year old doesnt have this battle) So I am not as worried about it. He is gaining weight! The feeding therapy has been a wonderful addition to our routine. Speeh has as well. Once we found the right speech therapist James started making leaps and bounds in his speech. He puts 2 words sentences together and even some 3-4 words sentences every now and then. He came copy anything we ask him to say. I understand most of what he says but I know that he isnt really that clear to others. But it will come :-)

That pretty much sums is all up! Overall I am amazed by my son everyday. His attitude and ability to go with the flow is just amazing!



WOW!!! He sounds like he is doing AWESOME!! What a SMART little boy!! You are doing so great with him and I know he will continue to amaze you and everyone around him!!

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