Monday, April 19, 2010

New Braces

Today was casting day for James' new AFO ( leg braces) I was really worried about this appt. If fact I cancelled the first one last week because I just didn't feel like I had it in my to deal with it. BUT on the fan site I got lots of encouragement and prayers as always :-) THANK YOU and I felt ready. These are cellphone pics but I wanted to share with everyone how well he did!

To get the AFO's just right they use the old school cast stuff. The orthopaedist wraps it on and the positions James foot int he correct position and lets it dry hard. Then on to the second foot. but check out the sweet smile on my little trooper. I mean I think I could literally kiss his face off!!

After he gets them in the position that he wants them to be he makes some marks that I'm not really sure what they are for ;-) He told me but I was singing a silly song to James and didn't really listen. I am sure they serve a some purpose though. Now we are just waiting for them to get nice and dry.Mr. Thomas was SO nice and James really like him. He treated James so respectfully I thought and showed him each tool before he started using it. It really eased his fears over what was going on. Now right after this pic was taken, it was time to take them off. And to do that they use a cast saw. It is loud and a little scary! But James only cried for a little bit and was quite brave! I was very proud!!



Aw, he looks so cute getting the casting done. :)

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