Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend

James had a wonderful Easter weekend. We started the weekend with a Easter egg hunts at his great aunt Sharron's house which was really fun. We were able to stroll him around in his Adaptive stroller and he could find the egg. I wonder what next year will look like? I wonder if he will be able to go and look for his eggs on his own? Wouldn't that be wonderful!!

That evening as I was getting him ready for his bath he felt warm and I was surprised that he was running a 100.5 low grade temp. He didn't act like he was feeling bad so I gave him his bath and think it was just from a very active day. But we did decided not to go to Josh's mother house for Easter since she lives so far away. I didn't want to skip a nap just in case he was starting to get sick.

We enjoyed a wonderful Easter worship service at our church Sunday morning. The message was just what I needed and really spoke to my heart. Our pastor spoke about discouragement and the symptoms of a discouraged heart. I like to think of myself as someone that is positive and does my best to be obedient to God and the will He has for my life. But the older James gets and the bigger the gap gets from him and his peers, discouragement is a area in my life that I really struggle with. I am embarrassed to even type this on my blog because I have personally been witness to God's miracles. But Satan knows where I am weak and if I am not studying God's word and being obedient to his will, I really struggle with being discouraged.

And this winter has been extra difficult, because we have been asked my our doctor to keep James from crowd and young children. Well if you have ever stepped foot into a church nursery you know they are the definition of crowds and small children ;-) It is also very hard to be obedient to God's will in your life when you aren't fellow shipping with other believers. This is a perfect storm for a discouraged heart. BUT as our pastor reminded me the grave is empty. What
a CURE!! :-)

After Church we came home and James discovered that the Easter bunny has left him some great surprises. The whole family enjoyed some candy and then a nice long nap!! It was great :-) That evening we went over to my mom's for a relaxed cookout and Easter egg hunt. I spent most of the evening with my oldest nephew catch crawdad which was really fun! It was a wonderful holiday and I am so thankful that my Savior is Alive and I am forgiven!!

Here is a little eating update.....I have been getting some emails asking about James eating and weight gain. The short answer is much better!! We started feeding therapy. And the therapist has really given me some wonderful advice and also the permission to let somethings go. We have made some really great progress in mealtime. James is in general eating close to 50% of his meals. His chew has gotten stronger too!

Dont forget that James' fundraising carnival is May 2nd 12-4!! I am really looking forward to meeting those of you that will be able to come. I think it will be a great day for everyone :-)


The Blue Sparrow

I'm so glad that you all had a great Easter and that James is eating better! Let's pray that next Easter he will indeed be chasing down those eggs on his own! *HUGS*

Sharon Glenn

So glad you guys had fun on Saturday. I know, life can be so confusing and we want to do God's will, sometimes it is hard knowing, for sure, what His will is. All you have to do is do what you feel right in your heart. God will guide you!!! Glad the Easter Bunny was good to James!! Those surprises are Wonderful!! 8)

You are a great mom, wife and niece!!!!

Love ya!

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