Monday, March 29, 2010

God is still in the miracle business

Not that this is a surprise, or shouldn't be, it is just that the thought that my Savior that lived and died for me would reach down and touch my son is very overwhelming to me.

Today I took James to his orthopedic doctor. This is usually not a very pleasant appointment for James or me. It requires a lot of waiting , painful exams and scary x-rays for James. I did my best to talk it up all day. I also asked everyone on his Facebook Fan page to say a prayer at 3. I made sure James got at least a little nap before we went. I had done all I knew to do to have a successful appointment.

When arrived and it was yet again a hurry up and wait game. We had to wait 2 hours in the large waiting room with absolutely NO toys that children in wheelchairs can play with (annoying) But I had brought crayons and LOTS of paper for James to draw on. We also drew on a few Highlights mags. After 2 hours and 15min we finally got called back only to have to wait 30min in the little room. Sigh!! Dont they know 2 year old don't wait well. Anyway Dr. Buckley came in and told us that he was concerned with the x-rays I brought in from St. Louis. My heart jumped because I was SO afraid this would mess with our surgery date. He confirmed that James' left hip is showing it is 50% out of socket.

He wanted to do new x-rays just to make sure. I was not too happy about this since we had JUST had these done and our insurance will not pay for them this close together. But they had to be done so I of course said yes. All the prayers that James' fans were saying were answered because today James did not shed 1 tear. Not even during the x-ray. At first he wanted to cry but they let me sit beside him and sing some songs. ( I might one day glow green from all the x-rays I have had to sit in on)

After another 15 min waiting Dr. B came in and said he was shocked. He showed me the before and after x-rays and here is where I felt like stopping everything and praising my Jesus right then and there!!

James' left hip is less than 25% out of socket. In 6 weeks his hip has improved 25% Dr. B said that he really was amazed that he has had such an improvement. I just told him that this little guy has a LOT of people that pray for him everyday. He just smiled and told me that he was fully on board with the Rhisotomy in June. He said that he thinks James will greatly benefit from it and he expects his hip will got fully back in place 6 months after.

I don't know about you but I know that I was witness to God touch on my son today. Thank you for your prayers for my son.

Praise you Jesus for your ever presence in our lives.



The power of prayer is an awesome thing! Love this post! ITB, Anna

Melissa Kelly

That is such wonderful news...I'm so happy for y'all..He is an awesome God!


We are soooo happy for you guys!! He is one amazing boy with AMAZING parents!! I know he will continue to amaze the medical world with his progress too!!!


The power of prayer always amazes me. God is so good to all of us. Oh and how he loves little children. Thank you Lord for prayers answered for James. It is pitiful when a child is scared and especially as much as James has to be prodded and picked at. MaryEllen I sure prayed for you also because I know you go through a lot of rough times when you see what James has to go through. Really love you three!!! Grammy/Great Grammy xo xo xo


Awesome! That's great it is less out of socket and everything is still set to go!

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