Wednesday, March 3, 2010

thank you

The title of this post is so simple and yet if you were to step inside my heart you would know that those two words do not come close to sharing my feelings. Josh and I have been so blessed in our lives. We have experienced some true heartbreak indeed but God has strengthen us through it. And today I sit here in front of this computer, having written several sentences only to erase them because they just don't convey what I am feeling.

What is gratitude? What does it mean to say thank you? Sure I make James say thank you after I give him a cookie but am I teaching him anything other than the "magic words" we say to get stuff? I hope not I hope that our gratitude in this journey is apparent to everyone. I hope that each of you that read this blog know that I am so thankful that you would take time out of your day to see what is going on in the life of our son. I am not exactly Shakespeare in my writing and I certainly wont be winning any awards for my writing style. I do hope you see this as an honest way for a Mother to deal with her feelings about raising a child with special needs. It isn't always pretty but that is ok to me. Life is sometimes gritty and raw. Sure, we will experience a few hallmark moments here and there, but the day to day of life isn't always glamorous.

I say all that to share with you the people in our lives that have so generously given to us so that we can make this upcoming trip to St. Louis. Even in these tough economic time they have offered up what they can so that Josh and I can provide the chance for our son to walk independently one day. This is just the first leg of our journey and all of your prayers are the most important thing you can give us.

I wanted to say a very special thank you to those of you that have donated for this first trip to St. Louis. Because of you Josh, James and I can make this trip with out the worry and fear of how we are going to make ends meet the rest of the month. We will be able to go on this trip and meet ALL of our needs not only travel expenses but hotel and the co-pays that will need to be paid. I know you didn't make your donation to be recognized but I feel it is important for me to say thank you to each and every one of you.

Thank you! Holy Spirit Catholic School for allowing your students to raise money for James and support a Holy spirit Alum. We look forward to sending you lots of pictures and update in the future. Thank you Sharron and Mike for making this happen!

Jane and Roger H ( aka Mama and Daddy ) You truly are James' biggest fans! And without your support I don't know how I would function. Love you!

Sarah C ( aka Gran) The love you have for James is so beautiful. I feel so blessed to call you my Aunt and I love you!

Christina J- You have been such a wonderful friend. I am blessed to have you in my life.

Martha R- I look forward to spending some time with you and John in St. Louis

Debbie A- My biggest cheerleader! What a friend you are!

And to everyone that has sent a donation, but we may have not met yet. Thank you!!!

Megan D

Michelle T

Johnny D

Brooke B

Elizabeth D

Jeffery Y

Holly H

Amy Y

Rebecca B

Steven B

Jeannie S



I'm so glad that everyone donated!!


Awww, your thanks made me all teary eyed! I'm blessed to have you in my life too! I just love ya'll to bits!


So glad it helped and proud of Holy Spirit School!!!

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