Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello St. Louis

I am typing this post in the comfort of our hotel. James is sleeping in the bedroom and Josh and I are relaxing on the couch in St. Louis!! I am so excited to actually be here in the city to see what the future holds for our James. We had a really easy trip. James was a dream and all your prayers were answered. I dont think he had one muscle spasm while we were driving! God is so good!! And all of you prayers warriors are so special to me, thank you thank you :-)

We are staying in a great hotel! They offer a special rate for Children's hospital patients and we were even given a suite with bedroom and living room. It is SO nice and clean and comfortable. James has enjoyed getting to explore the room and "hide" in the closet. He just sticks his head in the closet and his little butt is still sticking out, but he thinks the world disappears if he cant see us. What a silly boy ;-)

So tomorrow at 9am is the BIG decision time. I am asking for your prayers yet again. But God has really laid on my heart that even though He knows my hearts wants to hear a YES! My wants dont matter. It is God's wants that my heart truly desires. So I am asking for those that are praying for us to pray that God's will be done. I also ask that MY Mommy heart can handle what that will is and rejoice that His will is the best for us. Hearing no will be difficult and I wont pretend that it wont. God has blessed me with the chance to raise James in a way that honors Christ and I will regroup and we will find yet again "normal" So lots of prayer requests tonight.

Now for the fun stuff we are taking James too while we are here. The ZOO! Yeah :-) I haven't been to a Zoo in many years. The St. Louis zoo is supposed to be really great. I have been telling James about it and he wants to see the monkeys and the lions. The weather is supposed to be perfect . We are meeting a cousin of mine and his wife there and it will be fun to introduce James to more of my family and have a afternoon of fun!



I'm so glad yall had a good trip to St. Louis! I'll be praying today that God would get the glory today, and that you would accept whatever his will might be for you guys and James. Have fun at the zoo!!


I hope that everything is going well there!


This is John's friend, Peggy North-Jones, here in St. Louis. I am glad you arrived safely and hope your stay here goes well. Glad the hotel worked out well. If you need anything -- information, directions, support, please give me a call. I am in town until Friday although I do not know how long you are staying. Please feel free to call or email if I can be of help.

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