Saturday, March 20, 2010


I am working on getting James' fundraising carnival together. I am starting to get pretty excited about it, but the time is slipping away from me to plan it. I am so blessed that Josh's aunt is helping me get all the ideas together and nail down some details.

A few of the key people I count on to keep my feet on the ground have been out of town, and I have had to get this process started on my own. Scary!! lol I have good ideas and lots of plans but sometimes the planning and getting things done can bog me down. I have accepted this about myself and become quite good at deligating duties that are not in my skill set. So far though I think I am doing pretty good. Here are a few details that we have nailed down.

The date is May 2nd. Sunday afternoon from 12-4. We are having it at a local chiropractor office since they have a nice big outside lot. I will announce exactly where later since I havent asked if I can put the name on my blog. We are going to be having a real firetruck that I am going to do pictures for the kids, Moonbounces, SnoCones, Hot Dogs, Facepainting, Pony Rides.........Now doesnt that sound FUN!!!

I think it is a perfect after church activity! So stay tuned!!

On the James front. He is doing really well with his new excersise program. The stretches are very difficult and they can be a little painful. I try to make them as fun as I can. When Josh is home we try to do them together with him and that seems to help. There is one that we are really focused on. It is called Dorsiflex. This is moving your foot basically. If you can tap your foot then you can doriflex and I bet you can walk as well.

Dr. Park told us that the #1 indicator of walking is the Dorsiflex. He said that if this is present after surgery then the child will more than likely walk independantly and the better that dorsiflex is the better and more natural the gait will be. So as you can guess we are really trying to practice this. Right now James can make very small movements toward dorsiflex and we are praying that this means he will have a better dorsiflex after the surgery.



I hope he continues to do well with the new program!!


The carnival sounds amazing!! I really wish we could be there for it!

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