Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Routine

I feel like this is a post I have created a few times before. Changing my routine has never really been that easy for me. I like to have a plan but I tend to like it to be the same for awhile. Raising a child with a special need has taking that part of myself and turned it upside down because I am always having to "drop back and punt" I get comfortable doing things a certain way and all of the sudden it all needs to change.

I find myself having to change up our routine yet again. This morning as James was eating his marathon breakfast like he does every morning ( cheerios one by one by one by one...then 2 sausages THEN he asks for breakfast LOL) I started to go over his pre-op exercises. I have been putting them off for a day or two just because I knew they would make me have to change how we operate.

You see James and I are a team. Usually if you see one of us the other is not too far off, and he and I both like it that way. I never really thought of myself and as a stay at home mom. I always thought I would be a working mother. But God had other plans for us and I love it! I love that I still get to pursue my photography when I can but my main focus is James. So as I reviewed the pre-op plan I started to re-shape our days. I felt a little frustrated with myself that I was having difficulty fitting it all in. I try to keep a good balance for James. He IS a 2 year old after all and I don't want his entire life to be therapy, but on the other hand this is such a small window of time in his life that we can do this much therapy. It is a balancing act for sure.

This new plan doesn't have anything that surprises me really. Most of the exercises we have done before. It is just the amount that need to be done daily. I tried to get them all in this morning along with doing some treadmill but it was torture for both of us. So back to the drawing board. I will get it in but figuring out how to fit all the puzzle pieces together and still have a life is proving to be difficult!

I a happy note! I am working on our big Fundraiser we are planning for James. Details will be forthcoming but I am getting pretty excited about it. So I hope everyone will be ready to come out and help us Jump in for James!!!! lol how cheesy is that!!



I'm sure it'll take some getting used to when you were so used to one routine.

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