Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Road to Walking!

Any parent that has a child with special needs will tell you that it can be the most rewarding experience and yet the most draining as well. They will also tell you that the equipment that is needed can be overwhelming. I know that when my hubby and I were expecting James and we went to BabiesRUs to register we never saw the isle that was labeled Pediatric Adaptive Equipment. We never talked about how our insurance will only allow a new wheelchair every 5 years, adaptive stroller every 5 years and a gait trainer every 3 years, and that we should plan accordingly for growth. I saw myself picking out crib sheets and mobiles. I did lots of research on what type of bottles we would use, but never did I think to research if I wanted a Kaye walker, Kid Walk, or the Pacer?

But here we are.....

And where we are is happy and so we move on and look for the good in our situation. After a very Large yard sale and Bake Sale this Summer that I organized to help us raise money for James' new leg braces, we were pleasantly surprised that we had extra to afford the co-payment for a new walker for James. We had been borrowing one from UCP but it wasn't exactly what James needed because it didn't allow him to actually walk, just stand. So with our insurance and things combined with the extra we made in the yard sale we were able to get a bright and shiny NEW Kid Walk!

This is a piece of equipment that James can be independent in and on level with his peers. It can also be adjusted day to day as his needs change. We got to pick the colors and it was built to his measurements which is nice. Of course we hope and pray that this piece of equipment will not be needed for too much longer after the SDR surgery because it is too much support. But we knew that he needed it now and to build his strength and practice walking so that he will be ready. We will be MORE than happy to donate this to UCP when James does not need it anymore!! That will be a happy day :-)
So here is a little bit about the Kid Walk....

It looks like more equipment that it really is. All of the hardware is behind James. Which is nice because he is able to walk up to tables and people! Below you can see that I can adjust the height and it will grow with James if he needs it for a few years.

This is a profile shot of the equipment right behind his back. This "stuff" allows James to pivot and make a more natural walking motion, instead of a stiff walk like the other walkers. It also makes him stay over his toes and not do the toe walking that you see in some kids with walkers.

This is the seat and trunk support. VERY comfy! I liked how soft everything was and that nothing is rubbing on his skin. He is also very safe and cant fall. Which for right now is a good thing since he doesn't have the ability to catch himself when he does fall.

So that is the Kid-Walk. Just one leg of the journey in helping James walk!!


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