Friday, January 29, 2010

This weather is in my way!

I guess God knew that James needed a break ( Mommy too for that matter) And we are smack dap in a bit of a winter event , as the new is calling it. That makes me giggle by the way! Anyway, today is typically James water therapy day, but Josh called me on his way to work and told me that the roads were getting to bad for us to get out. I think James has enjoyed staying home. Part of me is happy that we got to stay home but the other part is always disappointed that we missed an appt. Water therapy is such a KEY to James being loose enough for the other physical therapies he does in the week . I know that since we have missed this week in the pool we are going to have a harder week next week :-( I think I am going to fill the bathtub up really full and do some stretches in there to try and get something done.

Just over 30 days until we leave for St Louis and as I have said before I am getting pretty nervous about it. My list of questions seems to be growing each day. Now dont get me wrong I am still very confident that we are following what God wants for our families life. We still pray everyday that our eyes are wide open in the process and that if anything is a red flag we will be open to that. In the meantime I will continue to research and advance my Wal-Mart MD (hehe) We might even get out and enjoy some winter weather this afternoon and built a little snow man!


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