Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thank you for Visiting

So many have asked what they can do to help our family, that we decided to set up a fund where you can donate to help up save for James SDR surgery. If you would like to donate, just click on the Donate Buttom located on the right side of the Blog. That will take you to a PayPal page where you can enter in the amount you wish to donate.

To learn more about the SDR surgery please click here
This is a BIG commitment not only financially but also the commitment of PT everyday for 6 months post op. We do have wonderful insurance but it only covers so much. We have a limited amount of PT sessions and the travel back and forth to St. Louis.

We appreciate your willingness to help our family. For those of you that can not help financially there is something you can do that is equally important.... PRAY! We ask for prayers for His wisdom in all these desicions that we make as well as for comfort during the times of surgery and physical therapy.



You know that I will be praying!!! And I would also like to make a donation (I will get to that!). It's the least I can do for what you've done for me!!

James Patrick

Thank you Holly for your prayers and what else God lays on your heart to do for us. We are just so overwhelmed by the love and support that we have been shown in the past few days. God has really shown us just what prayer can and will do!

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