Thursday, February 18, 2010

Auction for James!

** Auction Closed** Congratulations to Ms. April Dill!!!!! Email me at with your shipping information and your Flower will be shipped to you. To make your payment just click the Donate button !! Thank you SO much!!!

I might just have the BEST friends and family on the planet. They are so willing to "jump in" ( sorry I couldn't help it) and help our family. We are going to have a little auction here on Jump in for James! One of my Best friends Christina is SUPER crafty and also a very talented. She approached me a few days ago with what I thought was a great idea.

She is all the time making beautiful little creations like this cute shirt she made for my son to match her girls dresses for the Elmo Live show we went too.

She has created a beautiful flower pin that we will be Auctioning off. 100% of the proceeds that are collected in this auction will go towards our upcoming and future trips to St. Louis for James' SDR surgery evaluations. I really think this pin is just beautiful and to know that it was handmade to help my son is truly humbling. Here is a little description from Christina herself:

Goodbye Winter Blues Flower Pin: Accessorize your favorite spring blazer, headband or belt with a sassy flower pin made from Amy Butler's Daisy Chain fabric collection. It measures approx. 5 inches across, including large covered button center, and has a stainless steel safety pin back covered in soft fleece.

What to know how you can own this beautiful pin? Glad you asked.....................

We are going to make this pretty simple. In the comments section of this post, just give your name and your bid and TahDah you are in! As an added bonus anyone that matches the Highest bidders bid you will be entered into drawing for a FREE bonus gift made by Christina as well!! The auction will last for 2 days only ( Feb 18th0 Feb 20th) and the winner will be announced right here on this blog. I will announce the winner and then you will email me the address you want the pin shipped too! ( FREE SHIPPING)

Simple, I know you are excited to get the bidding started so here ya go. Bidding starts at.....$15.00



amy steele 30
hope you get a lot more!! this is just all i can do right now ;)


Please bid in at least $1 increments.
Comment below with your name and an amount larger than the preceeding bid.
100% of the proceeds benefit James and his journey to SDR surgery.
Thank you.
$10 Christina Johnston


Kristin Campbell


April Dill

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