Monday, February 15, 2010

Booked the Hotel

Well we are booked and ready to go. We are certainly stepping out on faith about where the funds are going to come from to get us there but I know that God will provide. He has gotten us this far and I trust that He will continue to bless us. I ask that you will say a prayer for me. I struggle in the area of not being stressed about how we will afford everything. And I am bad to take my stress out on Josh. I am really trying to allow God to work on me in this area but it is hard for me.

I am excited that have a place to stay. I SO wish that the Ronald McDonald house would let use them for this visit. But they don't allow you to check in on a weekend if you are a new patient, and we have to since our appt is 9am Monday. I guess it just means that for the surgery we wont be new patients so we will be able to check in anytime. I am just going to look on the bright side. I am happy to say that I found a nice hotel that offered us a good discounted rate because we are coming for and appointment. That is a blessing!!

Now to keep James WELL for his appointment! Unfortunately he got sick last weekend with a respiratory infection and whenever he gets sick for the first time in the winter it just seems that he will not be sick on and off for the next month. I guess his little immune system gets weak and then everything that is flying around he will get. Right now he still had the cough but has added a stomach bug with fever too it. He is running a 102-103 fever and even with Motrin it is 101. Making for a worried Mommy and Daddy but a relatively happy James because he gets to watch Blues Clues all day! LOL

I have more to say but the pop-cycle that I gave James looks like it will be make its appearance soon. Gotta run!


The Blue Sparrow

Sending prayers ASAP! Have a safe trip!

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