Monday, October 11, 2010

Dear Pre-School Teacher

I know that all Parents love and adore the children that they send to your classroom. But James is extra special to this Mommy. You see, James is the result of a broken hearted woman that so desperately wanted to become a Mommy to a baby here on earth. James is literally the answer to my prayers. I know at first you will see his physical disability. I cant change that, but it is my prayer that you will quickly see the smart, loving, tender-hearted child that I call son.

We have met and talked about the goals that we would like James to meet this year in your class, and those are important. I want to support you in your efforts to help James meet those goals. I will always be on YOUR side in James' eyes. But please know that those are just surface goals. I am trusting you with the most precious part of my life. I am trusting that you will begin James' experience with school in a positive way. I am trusting that you will treat James with the same determination that you share with all your students.

James needs to be pushed. Please do not be afraid to correct him in a loving way. Look beyond his wheelchair and walker and see that he is ALL boy. He needs boundaries and rules like any student. Those days that you are frustrated with him and he just doesn't want to cooperate with your lesson plan....please take a moment and breath. Before you add another label to his already growing list just breath. Remember that he is just a boy and they are stubborn regardless if they can walk or not.

I know that other moms might not be so worried about sending their children just 2 days a week, but this Mom is different. My prayer is that we are a team, and that you are patient with me as well. Just know that my heart is fragile and letting go of something that I prayed so hard for it difficult. My head knows that this is good for James but my heart is having a difficult time knowing that he is not safe within my reach. So I am going to try and breath myself but please be patient with me as well.

Thank you,

A Self Proclaimed Helicopter Mom!!



Perfectly and wonderfully said!


Your family has touched my heart! I will love and protect him when he is with me. All I see when I look at him is the wonder of the world in his eyes! I can't wait to help him explore it! May God continue to bless your family! James is certainly one!
From his Preschool teacher..

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