Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just 1 more..

Well tomorrow will be our last Long camp day and then Friday we have a 1 hour eval. After the eval, we are headed home! I am ready to get back to our routine and my comfy bed! As a side bar, if you ever think about buying a sleep number bed......quickly slap yourself in the face and be glad you didnt buy one!!

I am going to post the before and after Evals from this camp. Even before I see the "official" results I have been witness to them. James came into camp pretty much dragging his toes as he walked in his walker and his left foot was turning in very badly. After these intensive 3 weeks we can barely see the turning in at all. Now that doesnt mean the issue is gone for good. I am not that naive, but it DOES mean that the bone is still straight and with proper stretching we can get those muscle to do what they are supposed to do.

This time has also allowed me to do a little thinking about my own healthy and physical well being. I am asking James to do so much and I am asking very little of myself. I am of course talking about requiring my own self to have will power and take control of my own body. I have to do this. I have been walking James to PT instead of the car and that has felt great. Being that we are starting over since our Fridge and freezer had to be totally cleaned out, this is a great opportunity for our whole family to join James in his daily exercises. Josh and I have been talking about it and we really need to take the plunge and go all in. So when I get home on Friday I am joining the gym that is 5 min from my house.

There I said it!!! It is now out in the bloggy land and I hope that you will hold me accountable. In fact I am begging you to hold me accountable. I have had to start taking BP meds because I have let myself go! So these 3 weeks have been a game changer for our whole family



How awesome that his foot isn't turning in!! You guys make an amazing team and I know James will achieve AMAZING things! Have fun at the gym, Bobby started going a week ago and has already lost 11 pounds and feels great!!

Nicole Portwood

I started laughing when I read your comment about the sleep number beds. We have stayed at the RMH in Orlando and the beds are so uncomfortable...glad to know it's just not the Orlando house :P

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