Tuesday, May 3, 2011

John 13:7- Tornado Outbreak

Jesus answered him, What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt understand hereafter. ~ John 13:7

 This week devastation struck my state. It came in the form of over 300 confirmed Tornado in our State of Alabama alone. Here in Alabama tornado are a part of life in. We usually have to duck for cover once or twice a season. This however was different. The outbreak was so wide all over the state. When you felt safe from one you another was right behind it bigger than the first. I was away from home with James here in Birmingham and the rest of my family were in different parts of the state.

I spent most of my day watching the weather. Starting at 5 am when the first tornado sirens went off. I grabbed James and ran down stairs. The storm went North of us but more to come. All day I watch tornado form and hit this state that I love. So many friends lost everything and I mean everything! The picture above is of a friend's home in Huntsville. It was a beautiful brick 2 story home in a neighborhood that as you can see is gone!

At around 5pm we watched live on TV a tornado form in Tuscaloosa. It ripped through the town and was headed for us. the Ronald McDonald house put all the residence in a central hallway. We sat a waited for it to hit. That is the worst part....just waiting for everything to break loose. We waited and I watched the live streaming of the tornado on my smart phone. The Weatherman kept yelling at us to take cover now! Already there!!! And then we heard the tell tell sound of the Tornado. It sounds like a train coming right at you. The building felt like it was breathing. I took James and pushed him under a desk and them laid on top of him. All I could think as  I watch my phone screen was " How am I going to hold on to him? How will we survive something that big?" so many more thoughts went through my head but Wheels on the Bus came out of my mouth. James and the other kids were so scared so I started singing.  What felt like and eternity was only a few minutes. When we were given the all clear to come out, we did. I expected to see damage, but we didnt. We learned that the tornado touched down 4 blocks from us and what we heard was a satellite tornado that never touched the ground in the downtown area. Thank you Jesus!

But as we were happy that we were safe, we quickly realize that many were not. Over 300 people so far have been confirmed dead. The hospital here has had a steady stream of ambulances coming in. They have refrigerator trucks lined outside the hospital because the morgues are so full. Children that were blown away from their mother's arms and were found have been given a number until their families are found. Many havent been claimed yet. A friend of a friend had just given birth 7 weeks ago and she was killed saving the life of her 7 weeks old son. Families without homes. Our entire county without power. Devastation everywhere. 

Please pray for my State and the many families that lost so much. My entire family is safe and our homes were spared.


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