Friday, May 13, 2011

Transitions in Life

This post is going to be like my Momma veggie soup. Its going to have a little bit of everything in it. We are home from Birmingham and James is doing GREAT! He has gone back to school and we have decided to not take his wheelchair to school with him. This was a really big decision because it means that James is responsible for all of his own movements. It also means that we put a LOT of trust in James teachers to give him the support and time that he needs to be successful and not frustrated with his new walking abilities. But I am proud to say he is doing GREAT! His teacher has told me that she let him leave a few minutes early ( with his Aid of course) and he walks where he needs to go. Of course what 3 year old wants to have to leave the playground before all of his other classmates!!?? So there are still a few age appropriate hills to climb. I know that will come naturally with time. This time last year we were just excited that he could even stand up in his walker for a few minutes. He has come so very far and it is thanks to these ladies pictured below helping me create goals for James at school! On the Right is James' Pre-K teacher Mrs. Trish and to the Left is the classroom Aid teacher Mrs. Dezzy

Sometime transitions are so very hard. We are praying very hard that James' teacher Mrs. Trish is able to come back to the Pre-K program next year. It all depends on the numbers of student in the program and if they allow the school to keep that teaching unit. I just cant say enough about house much we love Mrs. Trish. She has loved on James in a way that gave him appropriate boundaries and limits. She also let James be James. He has grown so much under her care. I thought we had everything worked out so that James would be able to stay in her class for another Pre-K year . But red tape and the bottom line of the school system are yet again affecting how my son develops. I have let my voice be known but I know that money is the bottom line and if the school system  ( as in the Central Office not the Local school office)  has to choose saving a few extra bucks over the good of students. I am sad to say this, but they will choose the bottom line. SURE they will have a wonderfully politically correct reason for it but they arent in the classroom and they dont see how it really affects the kids. But I am going to pray everyday that soft heart prevail and that kids are put before budgets! Will you please join me in this prayer request? James and many kids like him NEED more teachers like Mrs. Trish and we want to keep her as long as we can!

Our little family also experienced a loss this week. Our beautiful, sweet and beloved Lab names Sushi passed away during surgery to removed what we thought was an obstruction. It turned out to be that her intestines had twisted. I am told that this is something that can happen in large chested dogs like Labs. We we not expecting this because she was a young and healthy Lab. Sushi and I had a very special bond. She protected me from a stranger that was trying to rob our old house one night while I was alone, and she literally chased him down the road as he yelled for me to help! haha She was James wrestling partner as well as a place for James to rest his swollen legs at night
 She was Playful and Silly
 I could talk to her like a friend, and she always knew just how to make me feel better.
 I loved that dog more than I have ever loved an animal and if I am honest, I loved her more than I loved some people. She "got" me. She was my sense of security when Josh worked long hours. She and  I would snuggle up and watch Tv or she would just keep my feet warm.
 She celebrated with us in each of James milestones. She was always with us or at least in the background watching quietly.
She wasnt content to just wag her tail. She loved us so much she wagged her whole body. I miss her kind eyes and shiny coat so bad I can hardly stand it. I have always been an animal lover and gotten very close to my animals. Sushi was different because she was apart of MY family. My son loved her so much and so did my husband. We buried her at my mother's house just in case we move. Josh and I just stood at her grave and cried. We hadnt done that in a very long time and it was sort of good for us to get that out again. so I thank Sushi for that moment she gave us. Seeing our son grieve has been the most difficult part of it. He misses her very badly. He has asked me every night to please drive to heaven and bring Sushi home. Dont you wish it worked that way. I certainly dont know how the whole pets in heaven things works on a theological stand point, but I do believe that when God created dogs he knew the bond we would develop. So I like to think He will give us the joy of animals in heaven as well. I know that Sushi gave us a lot of joy here on earth and I am thankful for that. Sushi is already dearly missed but I know that I will remember her always and the unconditional love she gave to me while she was apart of our family. ~Thank you dear God for creating such beautiful animals that we can share this earth with.

We decided that we didnt want to wait to get another dog. James was very sad and honestly it helps me to have another furry face to love on too. So we adopted a 17 week old puppy from the humane society yesterday. She is a Lab and Border Collie mix.
We have named her "Manga" after the Japanese Black and White comic books. She is a sweet little puppy, a little shy but I am sure James will work that out of her. We havent had a puppy in such a long time. I had forgotten what that was like, but I am happy with her. I hope she fits into our family well. She is really starting to to work her way into my heart as well. She is very smart and we hope to be able to train her to help James like we did with Sushi. I know she will create her own special memories with our family over the years.


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