Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Oh May! Here you are again :-) I am so thankful to be here on this earth with my son that God has allowed me to raise. But parts of my heart are in heaven. So I have been reading a lot through Psalms. I find that really lifts my spirits and helps me to see the beauty and joy that there is here on earth. I truly have been blessed and I know that some in our situation dont understand that. I guess on the surface it is strange to say that I am blessed because I have a son with special needs. But it is true. Yes, I dont always like how the world see James and I dont like how his body can cause him pain at times. But there are many more blessings that there are woes.

This week God allowed me to stop and remember one of those blessings. I bough James little sprinkler. I was hoping that he wold be able to use his walker in the yard and play in the water. That didnt happen but I am sure by the end of the summer it will. What did happen was a moment that I will never forget. I pick James up and proceeded to run through the sprinkler with him ( in my clothes). The giggles that I cold feel from his little body in my arms were really beautiful. We played for an hour until I literally had to sit with him in the mud we had made in the yard and just laugh.

And in that moment I thought about what a  "typical" life would have been like. I would have probably missed the joy of running like a 6 year old in the sprinkler because I would have been letting James play as I read a magazine or something. But instead I was given a gift. The gift of being able to play with me son in a way that most parents will never get to experience. I am thankful for that



I was reading this blog post today called The Glory of God in the Gift of Disability, and there was a video about this family with a special needs son. They have been told their son has a pervasive developmental disorder non-otherwise specified. The dad said, "We may not fully know what is wrong with our son, but we know what is right with him, and that is, God has used him an incredible source of grace in our lives." I thought that was so powerful! Here's a link if you want to read/watch. I am thankful with you for your sweet boy! :)


Ooops, here's the link:

Sweet Baby James

Thank yoy so much Jocelyn! What a wonderful blog.

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So glad you found our blog through Kelly's Korner! I know exactly how you feel looking for those who are on the road a bit further along than sweet James...I look forward to sharing life with you through both our blogs! And I love this post -- I feel the same way, I know I see life so differently because God chose me to be a Mom of two boys with special needs!

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