Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This is what Hardwork looks like *warning video is hard to watch*

Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit. ~Napoleon Hill

That quote is perfect for James. He is the hardest working kid
I know. In fact he is the hardest working human I know. I know adults that when things get tough they are gone. But not my James. Is has endured so much his short 3 years. I know what we have gone through in our journey doesn't compare to some families experiences or other blogs I read. We are blessed in so many ways with the abilities that James has and I am so very grateful. These kids are amazing!!

James impressed me today and also broke my heart in to a million pieces. PT started good. We had a few "3 year old moments" but nothing that everyone goes through. He was working hard and doing his stretches. communication is sometimes an issue for James. He knows what he wants to say but sometimes during PT when it is difficult or he is frustrated the words just don't come fast enough. What sometimes does come out is frustrated screams. But he always over comes it and we are working with him to be able to access the words he needs when he needs them. This is a video of some of James' beginning of PT. You can also see his little camp buddy working just as hard! ( I got permission from his mother to video him as well 0

 The determination in this kids is a sight to behold. Such and sight that it shames me in my own willingness to say something is just too hard. I wish that I have a fraction of James determination

But sometimes it breaks my heart. Sometimes I want to grab James up and run as fast and I can and as far as I can from what is hurting him. My Mommy heart wants to protect him from the pain that his body is creating. I want to FIX it for him. But I know that I cant. I have to allow him to work through the pain and frustration so that he can come out the other side an independent and functioning person. All I can do is give him the tools to succeed and be there to comfort and catch him when he falls. But also there to pick him back up again and offer the encouragement to try again.. As I was watching James struggle today God spoke to my heart. Isnt this exactly what God does for us. I am sure He wants to "fix" all of our troubles and spare us from the pain of this worlds as well. The love that I have for my son is only but a grain of sand compared to how God loves His children. How I grieve him when I struggle but He is always there to pick me back up and offer encouragement to keep trying again.

THAT is why I was lead to take this quick video of James while he was struggling. It is very hard to watch so just know that it will break your heart because it does mine. But I am happy to say that he finished his part and made it through to the other side and stood TOTALLY INDEPENDENT for 2 seconds! No walker, canes or helping hands. JUST James. James was very proud of himself when he reached his goal (the play kitchen) and told me over and over again that he made it.


Gmama Jane

Not only is James working hard but look at those phenomenal Physical Therapists!!! WOW!! Those girls are working just as hard! Don't you know they must be so tired when they go home everyday!! If James had these gals every week he would be walking!!! Please send them my heartfelt gratitude for working so diligently with my sweet Baby James!!!! Way to go James!!


Mary Ellen, Bless you. I can't imagine how hard it is for you to watch this is person. As a mother, it must tear your heart out.
Maybe I have a few degrees of separation but all I see is a little boy making great progress and still being a normal 3 year old. I am glad he is not a saint. I am afraid he would lose his quirky humor if he were.
You ARE the best. Thank you for sharing the journey. If you should ever need someone who will listen NO STOP, please feel free to call me.
Everyone involved in SBJames' miraculous journey are blessed and carry God in their hearts.
Cousin Martha


This is hard for the therapist too. We are focused on the end and power through the hard work and temper along the way. It is heavy on our hearts because it is so hard to explain to the children the end goal and that the temporary set back/ difficulty will be worth it.
I wish all therapy could be like this but insurance and Patients do not tolerate more than 3 weeks of 5-8 hours daily therapy. This is best done in small bursts, just like growing and learning.
This is worse in Adults. I can handle crying and temper tantrums better than cursing and hitting from Adults.
You are luck to be able to take advantage of this great program. Not all insurances or family are able to. It is worth it but takes time. God is with you both.
love you both,
Tami Tubell, PT (one of James' past therapists)

Ellen Stumbo

From one mom to another mom...I get it. It is hard, it is frustrating, and it changes us...for good.
So many times I feel humbled by my girls, and I hope that I get to have every bit of courage like they do.I told Nina a few days ago, SHE is strong and courageous, and I hope to be like her.

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