Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BooBoos and Crashes

So far this Camp has had its share of  booboo's! The first day James fell off a bench and hit his lip on his walker. He was with the OT at that time. People just dont realize how quickly he can fall. James is really strong but when he is startled or feels unsteady and starts to fall....he is going down! His tone kicks in and everything is pulled in. You or I would put our hands down to protect ourselves from hitting out face but James can do that yet. His arms draw in and is not pretty! It was a really nasty busted lip too. It even made his nose bleed. But he was such a trooper. Once we got him an ice pack he was ok.

Day #2's fall still has me shaken up!! James was put into a mobile prone stander similar to this one
Except James' stander was a older model that does not have that larger Red bar holding it up. But instead a smaller bar. I now know why they have improved this model because yesterday the weld that was hold James up broke and everything cam crashing down with James strapped inside of it. It was a VERY scary moment for everyone. Especially James! All I could think was he had broken his back because of the way he was bent. But he was only in the heap of metal for a second because I reached down and started pulling him out before I could even think about what just happened. He has some bruises on his back as you can see  a little bit here
You can see his SDR surgery scar and that the bruising is mainly below that , thank goodness! But there is a larger bruise below his scar where the pad that held him in the stander was. I sent this and another picture to Dr. Park and they told me that as long as the swelling goes down, he his playing fine , that they arent worried. So I feel better about that. And he IS playing just fine seems ok. The only other side affect from the fall is that he is pretty scared today. He is afraid to be in his walker very much but I hope that will fade soon! We shall see when we go back tomorrow for Camp day #3. Let pray that all the booboos are OVER for the duration of camp!


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