Monday, April 25, 2011

I LOVE the number 5!

Yep! That is right 5 is my new favorite number. I like the way it sounds. I think it is beautiful. But my absolute favorite part about the number 5 is counting to its beautiful name as I watch the physical therapist take her protective hands off my sons canes. We all hold our breath and start to count the unassisted steps James is taking with his canes!!! I thought that when I said 1 my heart was going to burst out of my chest, but 5???  I was on cloud nine.

James gave a sheepish '" Whoa!" and proceeded to take step after beautiful step. Now for those of you with typically developing children may not realize what all it takes for a step with a cane. First you have to understand that James doesn't really always know where he is in space, so he is working on keeping his balance. Then he has to be able to shift his weight WHILE keeping his balance. After that he must move the left cane then his rightt foot and then switch feet. All of this at the same time AND keep his legs strong and upright. It is very difficult and something that you and I do as easy as breathing in and out. James has to think about every motion and plan it out. So 5 is WONDERFUL. And of course I forgot my phone and/or camera! But I am sort of glad because I really got to soak in the moment.

I know I was a silly person calling everyone to talk about it, and some were off to another topic before I finished my sentence hardly but in our life this was BIG! So I think I posted it everywhere I could and text everyone I could think of ! LOL

The best part about it is that this time last year we were one month away from James having the SDR surgery. I was scared to death and even thought about cancelling the surgery a few time. James couldn't sit up well by himself he could barely hold himself in his walker independently and  his little legs scissored so badly that he would just step on himself and never go anywhere.

Not today! Today almost 11 months post SDR James is going everywhere he needs to go and talking to his peers eye to eye.  Today was a good day!



WOW!!! 5 steps...that IS huge.
Go - James - Go
Cheering James on from Michigan

PS Thanks for continuing the blog!

Great Grandma Clopp

Hi James,
Great job today!! You made the number 5 special to all of us!!!
Keep up the good work, I know it's hard.
Bunches of love!!!!
Great Grammy Clopp

Natalie @ Johnny In A Dress

GO JAMES! I am like a proud mama! I have been telling everyone who will listen about his accomplishments! He is awesome! And just to let you know, 5 has been my "lucky" number ever since I was a little girl! - just one more thing that we have in common!


AMAZING!! That's always the word that comes to my mind when I think of James! I LOVE seeing all of his accomplishments and know that he will continue to amaze me everyday! GO JAMES!!!

Nicole P

What an AMAZING sight I'm sure!!! My heart was melting just reading about it. It's so wonderful to read about how far James has come!!

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