Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thinking about letting the Blog go??

I dont think there is anyone that reads this anymore? It seems that everyone is happy with the quick updates on James facebook page and dont really care to get involved in the details. So I am thinking about stopping this blog all together and going back to my personal family blog. I havent had anyone comment here in over a month.


Natalie @ Johnny In A Dress

I read EVERY post and love your blog!!! I say keep it up! :)!

Sharon Glenn

I wouldn't say I never read this. I especially read it when you refer to it in his fb page. I would suggest only keep doing it if you like doing it! If it is becoming a chore than you should just do fb. With all that you have going on, this blog should be only a thing of fun.

You may not believe it Mary Ellen, but we all love you deeply!

Take care of yourself!!!


Dear Mary Ellen,
I check your blog everyday, I'm sorry I've never commented. My grandson has the same type of CP as your James. They are considering SDR. James story inspires and informs us. I would understand if you choose to discontinue it and would follow James on FB. I just wanted to let you know there are total stangers out here who appreciate your blog.


Mary Ellen, I am so sorry I don't comment. I come to your blog everyday to check for updates, pictures and videos. I also follow your updates on Facebook, but really enjoy the more in-depth information you usually post on the blog. I understand if it is too much to continue the blog and posting everything on Facebook/Twitter, you are very busy. But just wanted to let you know I read the blog everyday!


I definitely read, but am the world's worst about commenting. Half the time it's b/c I'm not actually logged in - sometimes I just check blogs through the links on my own =. But, I love reading! I say do whatever is best for you guys - selfishly, I'd love for you to keep it up but if it becomes a burden then it's no longer enjoyable. Can't wait to hear more about camp! Sarah :-)


Just wanted to let you know that I'm reading too. My son Ben has CP and we are considering SDR for him. So I love seeing what James is up to. Sorry I don't comment more!

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