Sunday, April 17, 2011

Here we go again!

James and I have snuggled into the  Ronald McDonald house for another round of intensive physical therapy. This time will be a touch different. james will be doing the full spider Program. Which will include the special suit.

He will be doing 3 PT days and 2 OT days this time. Each day will be 4 hour sessions. I am excited to see what great new milestones he will achieve this time. Remember that last August he started the program not even able to hold himself up in his walker independantly and ended the 3 weeks taking independant steps in it. So now that he can walk independantly in his walker I cant wait to see what he will be doing at the end of these 3 weeks.

I am going to be twittering about all the fun things during his sessions. So follow us at meandj on twitter.Our romm here at the house is great. It is one of the big family rooms so this time we have room for James equipment AND walking ;-)

I am feeling pretty good afte my hernia surgery. trying to be careful about lifting.  Which means James is walking more. Not sure he is a fan but it is really making him stronger. In fact I didnt even bring his wheelchair with us.I felt it would be too much of a crutch for us both so I brought his bike instead. That means James will be petaling to camp every morning as a warm up.

That should do it for tonight. I am blogging with my phone so please excuse the typos .


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