Tuesday, April 19, 2011

May Camp Day #2 LOTS of Pictures

I just wanted to share a BIG thank you to North Park Baptist for this sweet goodie bag waiting for us when we arrived Sunday. It really made my day!

 Camp day #2!! James and Ms. Corinne looking at the schedule or events for today. James is like his Mommy. We like to know the plan before jumping into anything.
 Ok THIS is the one of the "cages" you can see all the bungee cords hanging from it. What they do here is James will stand in the middle and they will connect bungees to his Suit. This allows him to be supported and the PT 's hand freedom so work on positions. It also only takes some of the weight from James and makes him hold 90% of himself up
 James has been doing some timed walking. Today he had to do it on an incline. You can see he is getting a little help from Ms. Corrine but he did most of the distance by himself. His little legs were just shaking at the end of it
 James is with Ms. Patrice here. She is actually a retired PT that has come back to do the evaluations. And she is AWESOME!! Basically if you combine your perfect idea of a grandmother with an Awesome PT you get Patrice!! James loved her and did everything she asked without one complaint.
 At the Ronald McDonald house were we are staying a group from a local church came and gave us some dinner music. James loved the harp.....or maybe he just loved the young ladies playing the harp!
 James thought this was really fun. It is like a standing bike. He was giggling the whole time! He is actually working on reciprocal movement here but shhhhhh dont tell him that!
 James and Isaiah getting their muscles all warmed up as they watch Bob the Builder.
 The next 2 images are James and Isaiah playing a relay game with each other. James was really fast!

 He isnt falling here I promise! He is working on his lateral muscles by reach for the floor and then touching Ms. Corrine's head.
 And here is the Adeli Suit! Click HERE for all the technical info on the suit and what exactly it does. James just knows he is not a fan as you can see by his face. Poor guy :-( It took about 15 min to get him into the suit, but hopefully it wont be that long since all the bungees are in place now. It is REALLY tight which James doesn't like. We were calling it the Buzz Lightyear suit and after about 10 min James told us he hate Buzz!
 A close up of the suit and a bit of James sad face
 But not to fear we ended on a FUN note! James loved the Koala swing and his session with Ms. Kathryn the OT. She did lots of nice relaxing things with James.


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