Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 1 of Pre-Op Vacation!!

Well I wasn't really sure what to call our little "vacation" so I guess Pre-Op vacation was as good of a name as any! James and I have told all of his therapist that we will see them after his surgery. This week before we leave I just wanted to enjoy my baby and try to fit in all the summer FUN activities that I can. I don't mean just going here and there really but more of the little things that we might not get to do for awhile. Since we will be spending most of our summer in therapy I thought James really needed a break before we start.

And today was the 1st day. We went swimming at the family pool with all his cousin and my friend's son Jacob. We had such a great time. James has been so used to the warm therapy pool that the cool outdoor pool was a shock. He didn't like it at first but boy once he got used to the water he was a little fish. He didn't really want me holding him much at all but since he cant swim yet he didn't have much choice ;-) His uncle Matthew enjoyed throwing him around and James had a blast with that!

Tonight James and Uncle Matthew will be doing a practice run for the Cotton Row Run on Monday. And YES we will be participating in the Fun Run of the Cotton Row Run this Monday!! We are super excited about it and think it will be lots of fun for everyone. All of Matthew's kids run every year in it and of course Matthew and Jenda run in it. Matthew will be pushing James his his wheelchair and my prayer is that next year or soon after James will be able to walk/run the course himself! I know the kids are happy that James will be participating with them. I cant wait to get LOTS of pictures of the race and see that sweet smiling face going down the course!!

The rest of the week I don't really have a game plan really. I just want to get packed up and be a Mom for a few days. I am trying to focus on enjoying this time we have before the surgery and not think about all the scary stuff. I have my moments but for the most part I have come to terms with what is about to happen. I think the length of the surgery will be the hardest part for me, but just as long as I see his face safe and breathing at the end of it I will be ok. But that is worry for another day.


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