Thursday, May 20, 2010

From Poop to Praise.....

Today has been a one of "those" days. Our day started with our 1 and half year old Lab Sushi waking us up by barking and whining ( which she NEVER does) in her crate. When I walk in the kitchen toward the laundry room where her crate is I was hit in the face with that lovely smell of dog poop! What a way to start the day. I have no idea why she had an accident because she is VERY house trained. So I get her cleaned up and get breakfast morning....yummy huh???!! The dog is currently in the groomer getting totally cleaned up. I just don't have time to give her a bath so I am glad our vet's groomer will bathe her for pretty cheap!

Ok, so then we get to physical therapy. James is not in the best of moods but he pushes through. his PT does the Electric stimulation but on a lower setting so James was able to be distracted. He did really good and worked hard. He is getting really good and standing and pulling up on his own! After Pt is feeding and speech therapy. I am excited to say that James has graduated from Feeding therapy as of today!!! Yippie! We have learned some great tools to keep his eating and weight were it needs to be. Speech went great as well and James is showing some GREAT growth in his speech. I LOVE our speech therapist we have now. She has been such a cheerleader and resource for me that I just cant thank her enough!

After therapy, James and I got to meet one of his face book fans Amanda! She is a fellow SDR mom, and has been just where I am a few years ago. She gave me some good advise and eased several of my fears about the surgery. Today started out rather poopy ( pardon the pun) but I am praising God because He put a mom in my path that made it better :-) Thank you Amanda!!


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